Vol 67 (2012)

Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America

St. Louis, Missouri

Theme: Sacrament(s) and the Global Church

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Table of Contents


Sacramental-Liturgical Theology Since Vatican II: The Dialectic of Meaning and Performance PDF
Bruce T. Morrill
A Global Sign of Outward Grace: The Sacramentality of the World Church in the Era of Globalization PDF
Agbonkianmeghe Orobator
Response to Orobator PDF
William J. O'Neill
Sacramental Sights Through Women's Eyes: Spying in a Promised Land PDF
Teresa Berger
Response to Teresa Berger PDF
Susan Abraham
Presidential Address: Creation, Contingency, and Sacramentality PDF
John E. Thiel


Generations Respond to Sacrosanctum Concilium 50 Years Later PDF
Patricia Beattie Jung
Liturgy, Sacraments, and Aesthetic Practices PDF
Anne E. Patrick
Parish Sacramental Preparation: How Do We Translate Good Theology into Good Practice? PDF
Natalie Kertes Weaver


The Case Not Heard: Moral Methodology and the Phoenix "Abortion" Debate PDF
Judith A. Merkle
Dialogue as Sacrament PDF
Aimee Upjohn Light
Global Ecology and the Life of the Sacraments PDF
Christiana Z. Peppard
Medieval Theologians on "Infidel Rites" PDF
Rita George-Tvrtković
The Politics of Doxology: A Theological Response to Giorgio Agamben's "The Kingdom and the Glory" PDF
Anthony J. Godzieba
The Really Global in the Really Local: Ritualized Bodies in Comparative Theological Perspective PDF
Reid B. Locklin
The Relevance of the Catholic Tübingen School for Contemporary Developments in Catholic Liturgy and Sacramental Theology PDF
Bradford E. Hinze
Sacramental Ordination of Women Deacons for the Global Church PDF
Gary Macy
Theological Responses to the Arab Spring PDF
Anna Floerke Scheid


Anthropology PDF
Colleen Griffith
Bioethics PDF
Mari Rapela Heidt
Catholicity and Mission PDF
Neomi DeAnda
Catholic Social Thought PDF
Tobias Winright
Christ: Christology and Liturgy in East and West PDF
Patricia Walter
Church-Ecumenism: The Word and Sacrament in Ecumenical Dialogue PDF
Catherine Clifford
Comparative Theology: Sacramentality and Inculturation PDF
David Clairmont
Creation/Eschatology: Creation, Eschatology, and the Sacramental Imagination PDF
Colleen Carpenter
Fundamental Theology PDF
Karen Trimble Alliaume
God/Trinity: Encountering the Triune God in the Sacrament/s PDF
Gloria L. Schaab
Historical Theology I: Sacraments and the Global Church in Antiquity--Augustine of Hippo PDF
Franklin T. Harkins
Historical Theology II: Sacraments and the Global Church in Modernity PDF
Helen Ciernick
Liturgy/Sacraments PDF
Lizette Larson-Miller
Moral Theology I: Contemporary Developments of Virtue Ethics PDF
Lisa Sowle Cahill
Moral Theology II: Sacraments in Moral Theology PDF
Lisa Sowle Cahill
Practical Theology: Sacraments and the Global Church in Postcolonial Contexts PDF
Susan Abraham
Spirituality: The Sacramental Nature of Lived Experience PDF
Peter Feldmeier
Theology and Natural Sciences PDF
Richard Kropf


Asian Theology: Sacramentality and Asia/Asian America PDF
Julius-Kei Kato
Black Catholic Theology: The Sacramental Imagination--African Appropriation of Catholicism PDF
Lareine-Marie Mosely
Christianity and Judaism: Catholic and Jewish Approaches to Sacramentality--A Conversation PDF
Mary Doak
Hans Urs von Balthasar PDF
Barbara Sain
Hispanic/Latin@ Theology: Syncretism in Light of Inculturation--A Theological Perspective PDF
Carmen Nanko-Fernández
Rahner Consultation PDF
Mark Fischer
Women's Consultation in Constructive Theology: Art and Water--Sites of Sacramentality and Justice PDF
Rosemary P. Carbine


Economic Justice For All: Twenty-Five Years Later PDF
Mark J. Allman
Intercultural/Transnational Pedagogies: The Future of Transnational and Intercultural Pedagogies--Embracing the New Normal PDF
Jean-Pierre Ruiz
Mary in Global and Contemporary Perspective: Mary in Ecumenical and Interfaith Perspective PDF
Wendy Wright
Receiving Vatican II PDF
Christopher Ruddy
Spirituality of John Henry Newman PDF
John R. Connolly
Theologies Responsive to Islam PDF
Daniel Madigan
Theology of Migration PDF
Linh Hoang
The Thought of Bernard Lonergan: Sacramentality and Systematic Theology PDF
John Dadosky


Report of the Committee on Underrepresented Ethnic and Racial Groups (CUERG) PDF
Natalia Imperatori-Lee
Secretary's Report PDF
Mary Theresa Moser
Treasurer's Report PDF
Jozef Zalot

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