PROCEEDINGS of the Eighth Annual Convention

Baltimore, Maryland. June 22-24, 1953

Table of Contents


Catholic Theological Society of America: officers of the society PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Minutes of the convention PDF
Aloysius McDonough
A survey of Protestant theology in our day PDF
Gustave Weigel
A survey of the theology of sacramental grace PDF
George W. Shea
Detraction in public life PDF
John E. Murphy
The seminary course in convert work PDF
John T. McGinn
Distributive justice and aid to education PDF
Thomas O. Martin
Presidential address PDF
John M.A. Fearns
Summary of the financial report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1953 PDF
James Edward Rea
Report of the Committee on Research and Publications PDF
John H. Harrington
The report of the Committee on Current Problems PDF
Walter J. Burghardt
Report of the Special Committee for the Revision of the Constitution PDF
John M.A. Fearns, Martin J. Healy, Aloysius McDonough, James Edward Rea
List of members present at the Eighth Annual Meeting PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Membership of the Catholic Theological Society of America PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Necrology PDF
Aloysius McDonough

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