PROCEEDINGS of the Tenth Annual Convention

New York City, New York. June 27-29, 1955

Table of Contents


Societas Catholica Theologica Americana PDF
Aloysius McDonough, William R. O'Connor
Message from His Holiness PDF
Pius XII Pope, 1876-1958
Letter of His Eminence Cardinal Spellman PDF
Francis Spellman
The Catholic Theological Society of America: officers of the society PDF
Aloysius McDonough
The concept of biblical theology PDF
Roderick A.F. MacKenzie
The theology of venial sin PDF
Jordan Aumann
Eastern Orthodox theology PDF
Clement Englert
The principles of extra-sacramental justification in relation to "extra ecclesiam nulla salus" PDF
Francis S. Shea
Problems of professional secrecy PDF
Robert Regan
The nature of the infused moral virtues PDF
John F. Harvey
Theology and higher education PDF
Thomas C. Donlan
The problem of penal law PDF
Lawrence Riley, Michael Noonan, Matthew Herron
The presidential address PDF
William R. O'Connor
Summary of the financial report for the year ending June 30, 1955 PDF
James Edward Rea
Report of the Committee on Research and Publications PDF
John H. Harrington
The report of the Committee on Current Problems PDF
Walter J. Burghardt
Report on regional meetings, 1954-1955 PDF
Walter J. Burghardt, Edmond D. Benard, John F.X. Sweeney
Statement on Catholic devotion to Mary PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Additional correspondence from the Holy See on the occasion of the tenth annual meeting PDF
A. Dell'Acqua
List of members present at the tenth annual meeting PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Membership of the Catholic Theological Society of America PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Necrology PDF
Aloysius McDonough

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