PROCEEDINGS of the Thirteenth Annual Convention

Saint Paul, Minnesota. June 23-26, 1958

Table of Contents


Tribute to the Paulist Press PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Minutes of the convention PDF
Aloysius McDonough
The sacramental grace of penance PDF
Robert Reginald Masterson
Moral aspects of segregation in education PDF
Francis J. Gilligan
The concept of biblical inspiration PDF
David M. Stanley
Evaluation of the traditional seminary course in apologetics PDF
Edward J. Hogan
A course in the positive theology of the Incarnation PDF
Celestine Luke Salm
Moral aspects of pharmaceutical fertility control PDF
John J. Lynch
Nature and effects of spiritual communion PDF
Francis D. Costa
The role of prudence in the right to censor in literature and art PDF
Paul Bussard, Owen Bennett, John R. Connery
The challenge to theology PDF
John F.X. Sweeney
Summary of the Financial Report for 1958 PDF
James Edward Rea
Report of the Committee on Current Problems PDF
Walter J. Burghardt
Report on regional meetings, 1957-58 PDF
Walter J. Burghardt
Members Present at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Membership of the Catholic Theological Society of America PDF
Aloysius McDonough
Necrology PDF
Aloysius McDonough

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