PROCEEDINGS of the Fourteenth Annual Convention

Buffalo, New York. June 22-25, 1959

Table of Contents


The Catholic Theological Society of America: officers of the society PDF
Vincent J. Nugent
Morality and the problems of overpopulation PDF
Anthony F. Zimmerman
The theology of the resurrection of Christ PDF
Edwin G. Kaiser
The use of sacred scripture as a locus theologicus PDF
Eugene M. Burke
Messianic prophecies in apologetics PDF
Bruce Vawter
The theology of the Res and Sacramentum PDF
Paul F. Palmer
The virtue of obedience PDF
William H. Kane
The theology of the lay apostolate PDF
James E. Quill
Guilt feelings and the conscience of the individual PDF
Callistus Smith, Charles J.D. Corcoran, Gregory Zilboorg
Presidential address PDF
Michael J. Murphy

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