PROCEEDINGS of the Nineteenth Annual Convention

New York City, New York. June 23-25, 1964

Table of Contents


The meaning of tradition PDF
Wilfrid F. Dewan
Atonement and scripture PDF
Kenneth F. Dougherty
Communicatio in Sacris: present trends PDF
John Prah
Preparation of spiritual directors of the lay apostolate PDF
Joseph A. Spitzig
The descent into hell PDF
Bertin Farrell
Current theological questions in race relations PDF
Joseph T. Leonard
Freedom and obedience PDF
Richard J. Murphy
Freedom and obedience PDF
Donald Caul
Faith and Order on unity of doctrine PDF
William C. Topmoeller
Moral problems arising from man's intervention in nature PDF
Owen W. Garrigan
The prophets PDF
Richard Kugelman
The Orthodox Church PDF
John Meyendorff
The Gospels and apologetic method PDF
Avery Dulles
The Church and the Sacraments PDF
William A. Van Roo
Christ the sacrament of the encounter with God PDF
William J. Hill
Episcopacy and primacy PDF
Charles H. Henkey
Constitution on the sacred liturgy PDF
Maurice B. Schepers
Presidential address: A theology relevant for today PDF
Richard T. Doherty
Minutes of the nineteenth annual convention PDF
Vincent J. Nugent

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