PROCEEDINGS of the Twenty-third Annual Convention

Washington, D.C. June 17-20, 1968

Table of Contents


The transcendence of God and biblical hermeneutics PDF
Paul S. Minear
Presidential address: Towards an American theology PDF
Walter J. Burghardt
Linguistic analysis and the transcendence of God PDF
Edward M. MacKinnon
Theistic evidences in contemporary Protestant theology PDF
Edward H. Schroeder
The natural knowledge of God PDF
Bernard J.F. Lonergan
Transcendent divinity and process philosophy PDF
Eugene Fontinell
Transcendence and the expressions of the magisterium PDF
Anselm Atkins
The Transcendence of God and the value of human life PDF
James M. Gustafson
The meaning of life and divine transcendence PDF
Leo O. Farley
Catholic moral teaching and abortion laws in America PDF
Robert F. Drinan
Past Church teaching on abortion PDF
Richard A. McCormick
God's initiative towards man the symbol-maker PDF
Matthew J. O'Connell
God's action immanent in the world of the sacraments PDF
James J. Mulligan
Transcendence and salvation PDF
David A. Dillon
Prayer as encounter with the transcendent God PDF
Ernest E. Larkin
The transcendence of God in the world of man PDF
William J. Richardson
The transcendence of God and the modernist crisis PDF
John Ratte
Panel discussion: Academic freedom and the theologian PDF
Augustine Rock, Robert E. Hunt
Summary: God's transcendence and man's world: the critical issue of this convention
Thomas F. O'Meara
Secretary's report: The twenty-third annual convention PDF
Warren T. Reich

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