PROCEEDINGS of the Thirtieth Annual Convention

New Orleans Louisana, June 9-12, 1975

THEME: Catholic Theology in Social and Political Context

Table of Contents


The Impact of Sociology on Catholic Theology PDF
Gregory Baum
A Response (I) to Gregory Baum PDF
Patrick Burns
A Response (II) to Gregory Baum PDF
Mary Buckley
Decision-Making for America: Political-Theological Differences PDF
Thomas O'Meara
Critical Social Theory and Christology PDF
Francis Fiorenza
Society and Ethics: Divorce and Remarriage PDF
Margaret Farley
Divorce and Remarriage: Catholics and Credibility PDF
Dennis Doherty
Society and Ethics: The Church and World Hunger PDF
Drew Christiansen
American Wealth and Dominance in the Global Community PDF
J. Bryan Hehir
The Situation of Hispanic Americans PDF
Virgil Elizondo
The Situation of American Blacks PDF
Joseph Nearon
The Situation of Women in Society PDF
Sara Butler
Research Report: The CTSA Committee on the Study of Human Sexuality PDF
Anthony Kosnik, Ronald Modras, James Schulte, William Carroll, Agnes Cunningham
Presidential Address: Past Perspectives and Future Prospects for the CTSA PDF
Luke Salm
Treasurer's Report PDF
Philip Morris
Appendix: Homily for the Convention Eucharist
Avery Dulles
Secretary's Report PDF
Agnes Cunningham

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