PROCEEDINGS of the Thirty-first Annual Convention

Washington, D.C. June 9-12, 1976

THEME: The Divine and the Human in Christianity

Table of Contents


Transcendence and Immanence as Theological Categories PDF
Louis Dupre
A Response (I) to Louis Dupre PDF
David Burrell
A Response (II) to Louis Dupre PDF
Anne Carr
The Divine and Human in Jesus Christ PDF
Donald Gray
A Response (I) to Donald Gray PDF
John Cobb
A Response (II) to Donald Gray PDF
Eamon Carroll
The Mission of the Church: To Divinize or To Humanize? PDF
Michael Fahey
A Response to Michael Fahey PDF
Sabbas Kilian
Religion and the Sense of the Sacred PDF
Charles Davis
A Response to Charles Davis PDF
Mary Collins
Seminar on Foundations: Presentation PDF
Robert Imbelli
Seminar on Anthropology: Summary PDF
Charles Meyer
Seminar on Christology: Summary PDF
Monika Hellwig
Seminar on Church and Sacraments: Summary PDF
Patrick Granfield
Seminar on Prayer: Presentation PDF
Thomas Clarke
The Theory-Praxis Relationship in Contemporary Christian Theologies PDF
Matthew Lamb
Infallibility: Who Won the Debate? PDF
John Ford
Civil Religion: Prophetic Freedom or Cultural Captivity PDF
Elizabeth McKeown
Ecumenism in the 1970's: Is There a New Direction? PDF
John Hotchkin
To Teach the Faith or to Teach Theology: Dilemma for Religious Education PDF
Berard Marthaler
Presidential Address: The Theologian and the Magisterium PDF
Avery Dulles
Secretary's Report PDF
Agnes Cunningham
Treasurer's Report PDF
Michael Scanlon
Address of Welcome PDF
William Baum

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