PROCEEDINGS of the Thirty-fourth Annual Convention

Atlanta, Georgia. June 13-16, 1979

THEME: The Meaning of the Human

Table of Contents


Unreasonable Expectations PDF
Regis Duffy
Society, History, Meaning: Perspectives from the Social Sciences PDF
Lee Cormie
The Rising of the Woman is the Rising of the Race PDF
Mary Buckley
Grace and the Search for the Human: The Sense of the Uncanny PDF
David Tracy
Ethical Implications of Developments in Genetics PDF
Thomas Shannon
Psychoanalysis and Humanism: The Permutations of Method PDF
Walter Lowe
Homosexual Way of Life: Methodological Considerations in the Use of Sociological Considerations in Christian Ethics PDF
Edward Malloy
Teilhard, Liberation Theology and Christian Spirituality PDF
Joseph Grau, Donald Goergen
Experimenting on Morality PDF
James Gaffney
The Sacrament of Marriage—A Discipline in Search of a Theology PDF
James Coriden
Theology and the Social Sciences: The Issues at Puebla—Summary of the Seminar PDF
Howland Sanks
Theology and the Social Sciences: The Issues at Puebla—The Meaning of Ideology PDF
Gregory Baum
Theology and the Social Sciences: The Issues at Puebla—Consciousness-Raising at Puebla: The Women's Project at CELAM III PDF
Rosemary Ruether
Theology and the Social Sciences: The Issues at Puebla—The Grassroots Church PDF
Alfred Hennelly
The Natural Law and the Magisterium PDF
John Boyle
Mariology and Christian Anthropology PDF
Frederick Jelly
Sacrament and Society PDF
Bruno Manno
Presidential Address PDF
Kenan Osborne
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
Michael Scanlon
APPENDIX A: Greetings to Pope John Paul II; Response PDF
Kenan Osborne
APPENDIX B: Addenda for the CTSA Directory PDF
Richard P. McBrien, John T. Finnegan, George W. MacRae, Richard A. McCormick, George H. Tavard

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