PROCEEDINGS of the Thirty-fifth Annual Convention

San Francisco, California. June 11-14, 1980

THEME: Christian Orthopraxis and the Emergence of New Meaning in Theology

Table of Contents


Can Christology be an Experiment? PDF
Edward Schillebeeckx
Orthopraxis and Moral Theology PDF
Enda McDonagh
Orthopraxis and Pneumatology PDF
Edmund Dobbin
Orthopraxis and Pneumatology PDF
Edmund Dobbin
Orthopraxis and Theological Method: Rahner PDF
Leo O'Donovan
Orthopraxis and Theological Method: Lonergan PDF
Matthew Lamb
Sacrament as Orthopraxis PDF
Stephen Happel
Prayer and Contemplation as Orthopraxis PDF
Harvey Egan
Presidential Address: Christian Panentheism: Orthopraxis and God's Action in History PDF
William Hill
Spirituality: A Resource for Theology PDF
Ewert Cousins
The Augsburg Confession: Ecumenical Prospects PDF
Harry McSorley
The Moral Theologian as Participant PDF
Timothy O'Connell
The Moral Theologian as Analyst PDF
Paul Surlis
The Two Magisteria: An Interim Reflection PDF
Avery Dulles
Pneumatology and Mariology: Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis in Dialogue PDF
Frederick Jelly
The Trinity as Community of Persons PDF
Joseph Bracken
The Trinity as Community in a Male-Female World PDF
Robert Sears
The Holy Trinity, Mystery of Salvation PDF
John Wright
Participating in Authentic Human Projects PDF
Cathleen Going
The Historical Origins of Papal Infallibility PDF
James Heft
The French Minority Bishops at Vatican I PDF
Margaret O'Gara
Different Models of Infallibility? PDF
John Ford
The Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue PDF
Margaret O'Gara
Directions for Future Research PDF
Peter Chirico
The Meaning and Nature of the Local Church PDF
Sabbas Kilian
The Local Church as a Center of Communication and Control PDF
Patrick Granfield
The Laity in the Church PDF
Frederick Parrella
Theology of the Local Church in Historical Development PDF
Bernard Prusak
The Uniqueness of Jesus PDF
John Galvin
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
Michael Scanlon
APPENDIX A: Committee Report on Cooperation between Theologians and the Church's Teaching Authority PDF
Leo J. O'Donovan, Sara Butler, Peter F. Chirico, Joseph A. Komonchak, Richard A. McCormick, James H. Provost
APPENDIX B: A Personal Memoir on the Origins of the CTSA PDF
Eugene Burke
APPENDIX C: Addenda for the 1977 CTSA Directory PDF
Edward Konerman

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