PROCEEDINGS of the Thirty-sixth Annual Convention

Cincinnati, Ohio. June 10-13, 1981

THEME: The Local Church

Table of Contents


New Testament Background for the Concept of the Local Church PDF
Raymond Brown
Ecclesiae Sorores ac Fratres: Sibling Communion in the Pre-Nicene Christian Era PDF
Michael Fahey
The Parish Community: Theological Questions Arising from Attempts to Implement Vatican II PDF
Philip Murnion
Ministry and the Local Church PDF
Joseph Komonchak
Creative Imagination: The Aesthetic Horizon in Theology PDF
Thomas O'Meara
Local Theologies in the Local Church: Issues and Methods PDF
Robert Shreiter
North American Ecclesial Consciousness in its Global Context PDF
Joseph Gremillion
Pope Paul VI's Theology of the Local Church PDF
Sabbas Kilian
The Local Church in the Anglican/Roman Catholic Consultation: Type and Antitype—Ecclesiological Presuppositions PDF
John Boyer
The Local Church in the Anglican/Roman Catholic Consultation: Ecclesiological Presuppositions PDF
Frederick Jelly
The Hispanic Church in the USA: A Local Ecclesiology PDF
Virgil Elizondo
Ecclesiology: The Augsburg Confession as Catholic? PDF
John Galvin
Theological Anthropology: The local Church PDF
Cathleen Going
Trinity: Trinitarian Doctrine in Faith Life PDF
Mary Ann Donovan
Theological Method: What is Systematic Theology? PDF
Stephen Happel
Nineteenth Century: Hasler on Infallibility PDF
Margaret O'Gara
Papal Infallibility: Newman on Reception of Doctrine PDF
John Ford
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
Michael Scanlon
APPENDIX A: Address of Welcome PDF
Joseph Bernardin
APPENDIX B: Addenda to the 1977 CTSA Directory PDF
Edward Konerman
APPENDIX C: Corrigendum PDF
Luke Salm

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