PROCEEDINGS of the Thirty-seventh Annual Convention

New York City, New York. June 10-13, 1982

THEME: Power as an Issue in Theology

Table of Contents


Power, the Powers, and a Higher Power PDF
John Coleman
Religion and Power in America Today PDF
Robert Bellah
Power, Powerlessness, and the Mystery of Christ PDF
Brian McDermott
The Nature and Use of Power in the Church PDF
Richard McBrien
Sacraments: Symbolizing God's Power in the Church PDF
David Power
Presidential Address: God of Power and Might PDF
Leo O'Donovan
Power in the New Testament PDF
Pheme Perkins
Rights of Conscience as Limits of Power PDF
James Gaffney
Ecclesiastical Office, Power and Spirit PDF
Edward Kilmartin
Women, Power and Liberation PDF
Mary Buckley
Contemporary Women's Spirituality: A Breakthrough of Power PDF
Joann Wolski Conn
Power and Powerlessness: A Case in Point PDF
Margaret Farley
A Black Perspective PDF
Jamie Phelps
A New Testament Reflection PDF
Sandra Schneiders
Summary of the Discussion PDF
Anne Carr
Power in Liberation Theology: Thesis I PDF
David Stagaman
Power in Liberation Theology: Thesis II PDF
Lee Cormie
Power in Liberation Theology: Thesis III PDF
Matthew Lamb
Power and Selfhood PDF
Jane Kopas
Persuasive Power and Pastoral Care PDF
Robert Kinast
The Persuasiveness of Divine Love PDF
Joseph Bracken
Theological Reflections on the Arms Race PDF
Joseph Fahey
The Theologians's Role in Disarmament PDF
Francis X. Meehan
Theological Anthropology: Power and the Human Situation PDF
Michael Scanlon
Christology: F.J. van Beeck on Christ Proclaimed PDF
Elizabeth Johnson
Trinity: Naming the Spirit PDF
Mary Ann Donovan
Ecclesiology: Office in the Church PDF
John Galvin
Social Sciences: The Power of the Poor PDF
Gregory Baum
Nineteenth Century: Papal Infallibility; O'Meara on Idealism PDF
John Ford
Spirituality: Experiential Approach to Salvation Revisited PDF
Vernon Gregson
Moral Theology: Future Agenda for Catholic Moral Theology PDF
David Hollenbach
Patristics: Military Force and Christian Conscience PDF
Robert Daly
Theological Method: Tracy on the Public and the Aesthetic PDF
Stephen Happel
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
George Kilcourse
APPENDIX A: Address of Welcome PDF
Terence Cooke
APPENDIX B: Report on a Special Meeting of the Directors PDF
Bernard Cooke

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