PROCEEDINGS of the Thirty-ninth Annual Convention

Washingotn, D.C. June 13-16, 1984

THEME: The World Church

Table of Contents


The Emerging World Church: A Theological Reflection PDF
Avery Dulles
Systematic Theology and the World Church PDF
Michael J. Scanlon
Moral Theology and the World Church PDF
Lisa Sowle Cahill
The World Church and the World History of Religion: The Theological Issue PDF
Wilfred Cantwell Smith
Sacramental Theology and the World Church PDF
Geoffrey Wainwright
Presidential Address: 1904-1984, Karl Rahner, Theologian PDF
Michael A. Fahey
Women in the World Church PDF
Sara Butler
Local Theologies for a Global Church: Report from Midwest Members' Group PDF
Jon. M. Nilson
Laity in the World Church PDF
Raymond F. Bulman
Universal and Particular Law in the New Code PDF
James H. Provost
World Religions and the World Church PDF
Lucien Richard
Inculturation and the World Church PDF
Marcello Azevedo
Ecumenical Dimensions of the World Church PDF
Paul A. Crow, Jr.
Basic Christian Communities: Pluralism and Unity PDF
William R. Burrows
The Lima Document: Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry PDF
Michael A. Fahey
Spirituality and the World Church PDF
Mary Ann Fatula
Social Justice and the World Church PDF
Peter Henriot
Evangelization in the World Church PDF
Eugene Hillman
The Vow of Obedience in a Pluralistic Church PDF
Barbara Lawler Thomas
Christology PDF
Elizabeth A. Johnson
Ecclesiology PDF
David J. Stagaman
Moral Theology: The Sexual and the Social in the Catholic Moral Tradition PDF
Anne E. Patrick
Moral Rules in their Social Setting: Abortion PDF
Thomas A. Shannon
Catholic Social Justice and the American Economy PDF
Daniel Finn
The Role of the Affective in the Moral Life PDF
John Giles Milhaven
Nature and Method of Theology PDF
Michael Vertin
Nineteenth Century Theology PDF
Francis S. Fiorenza
Spirituality PDF
Vernon J. Gregson
Theological Anthropology PDF
John M. Farrelly
Theology and the Social Sciences PDF
Paul J. Surlis
Trinity PDF
Catherine M. LaCugna
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward H. Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
George A. Kilcourse
APPENDIX I: Doctrinal Responsibilities: Procedures for Promoting Cooperation and Resolving Disputes Between Bishops and Theologians PDF
Joint Committee CLSA-CTSA
APPENDIX II: A Personal Memoir: Part Two PDF
Eugene M. Burke
APPENDIX III: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
Edward H. Konerman

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