PROCEEDINGS of the Forty-second Annual Convention

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. June 10-13, 1987

THEME: The Linguistic Turn and Contemporary Theology

Table of Contents


Meaning and Truth in Theology PDF
Jean Ladriere
Theoretical Linguistics and the Problems of Christology PDF
John C. Dwyer
A Response to John Dwyer PDF
Roger Haight
The Linguistic Turn and Moral Theology PDF
Anne E. Patrick
A Response to Anne Patrick PDF
Kenneth R. Himes
Worship as a Grammar of Social Transformation PDF
Stephen Happel
A Response to Stephen Happel PDF
Susan A. Ross
Presidential Address: Who Is Truly a Catholic Theologian? PDF
Monika K. Hellwig
Gnosticism as a Diagnostic Tool in Contemporary Theology PDF
William M. Thompson
Language, Liturgy, and Theology: Lex Orandi-Lex Credendi Revisited PDF
Robert P. Imbelli
Metaphoric Process PDF
Mary Gerhart, Allan Melvin Russell
Hispanic-American Theology PDF
Orlando O. Espin, Sixto J. Garcia
Confessing the Glory of God: Augustine's Theology of Divine Election PDF
J. Patout Burns
The Role of Imagination in Theology: the Art of Preaching within the Context of the Art of Ritual PDF
Patrick W. Collins
Narratives in Christology PDF
Robert A. Krieg
The Language of Fundamentalism: A Language of the Past or a Reality of the Future PDF
Gerald Grace, Stephen Bosso
Preaching and Language: Rethinking the Power of the Word PDF
Mary Catherine Hilkert, Patricia A. Parachini
Feminism and Theological Language PDF
Mary E. Hines, Carmel McEnroy
Habermas, Peukert, and Hoehne: Towards a Political Ecclesiology of Communicative Praxis PDF
Paul F. Lakeland
The Language of Dogma and Theological Discourse PDF
James J. Buckley
Nature and Method of Theology PDF
Michael Slusser
Christology PDF
William M. Thompson
Ecclesiology PDF
Richard F. Costigan
Trinity PDF
Catherine M. LaCugna
Spirituality PDF
Elizabeth Dreyer
Moral Theology: Scripture and Natural Law: Incommensurate Languages? PDF
William C. Spohn
Moral Theology: The Search for a Social Vocabulary PDF
Francis X. Meehan
Moral Theology: On Gender Roles PDF
Judith Dwyer
Moral Theology: Cross-Cultural Ethics: Learning "Foreign" Languages PDF
Lisa Sowle Cahill
Theological Anthropology PDF
Susan A. Ross, M. John Farrelly
Sacramental and Liturgical Theology PDF
Regis A. Duffy
Practical Theology PDF
Michael J. McGinniss
Historical Theology PDF
William Madges
The American Catholic Experience PDF
Robert Kress, Jon Nilson
Health Care Theology and Ethics PDF
Diana Bader, Laurence J. O'Connell
North American Theology: On Bellah's Habits of the Heart PDF
J. J. Mueller
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward H. Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
George A. Kilcourse
APPENDIX A: Guidelines for Research Projects and Subsidized Publications PDF
Edward H. Konerman
APPENDIX B: Homily: "Middleman for Christ" PDF
Walter J. Burghardt
APPENDIX C: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
Edward H. Konerman

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