PROCEEDINGS of the Forty-fourth Annual Convention

St. Louis, Missouri. June 7-10, 1989

THEME: Providence and Responsibility: The Divine and Human in History

Table of Contents


Providence and Responsibility: Religious Congregations' Views PDF
Barbara Doherty
Providence and Responsibility: a Native American Appreciation PDF
P. Michael Galvan
Providence and Histories: One Hispanic's View PDF
Marina A. Herrera
Providence and Histories: African American Perspectives with Emphasis on the Perspective of Black Liberation Theology PDF
Jamie T. Phelps
"Not a Sparrow Falls": On Providence and Responsibility in History PDF
Anne E. Carr
A Response to Anne E. Carr PDF
John H. Wright
Providence and Responsibility: The Divine and Human from the Perspective of Moral Theology PDF
Charles E. Curran
A Response to Charles E. Curran PDF
Christine E. Gudorf
"Lilies of the Field": A Hispanic Theology of Providence and Human Responsibility PDF
Orlando O. Espin, Sixto J. GarcĂ­a
Presidential Address: Theologians and Bishops: Freedom and Assent PDF
John P. Boyle
God's Comfort for Jesus: Comfort or No Comfort? PDF
Anne Marie Harnett
The Medicine Wheel: Native Americans and the Providence of God PDF
Ronald C. Chochol
Teaching Women, Reading Women: Sources of a Theological Praxis PDF
Marianne Sawicki
Post-Holocaust Jewish and Christian Theologies of History PDF
Ronald E. Modras
John Henry Newman on Individual Providence PDF
Richard M. Liddy
Providence and Political Responsibility PDF
John H. Thiel
Book Discussion: "Daughters of Jefferson, Daughters of Bootblacks." Racism and American Feminism by Barbara Andolsen PDF
Delores L. Greeley
The Poet as Theologian: Hopkins and the Transformation of History PDF
Justin J. Kelly
Orality, Literacy, and God's Word in the Writings of Walter J. Ong PDF
John Britt
Divine Providence: Classical and Evolutionary Views PDF
Joseph A. Bracken
Book Discussion: At the Origins of Modern Atheism by Michael J. Buckley PDF
Paul G. Crowley
The Contribution of Latin American Women Theologians to a Theology of Providence PDF
Margaret M. Campbell
The Lay Perspective in Theology PDF
Joan H. Timmerman
Providence and Social Justice: The Mission and Limits of Translation PDF
Richard J. Penascovic
Seminaries and Ecclesial Tensions: A Discussion PDF
Jeremiah J. McCarthy
Christology PDF
Robert Kreig
Ecclesiology PDF
Richard F. Costigan
Trinitarian Theology PDF
Barbara Finan, Killian McDonnell
Spirituality PDF
Janet Ruffing
Moral Theology PDF
Thomas Shannon
Theological Anthropology PDF
Susan A. Ross
Sacramental and Liturgical Theology PDF
Kevin W. Irwin
Practical Theology PDF
Michael J. McGinniss
Historical Theology PDF
William Madges
The American Catholic Experience PDF
Jon Nilson
Healthcare Theology and Ethics PDF
Diana Bader
North American Theology PDF
Donald L. Gelpi
Comparative Theology PDF
Francis X. Clooney
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward H. Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
Mary E. Hines
APPENDIX A: Address of Welcome PDF
John L. May
APPENDIX B: Forum: Catholic Identity, Academic Freedom, and Theological Responsibility PDF
John A. Slosar
APPENDIX C: Response to First Draft of NCCB's Pastoral Response to Women's Concerns for Church and Society, Partners in the Mystery of Redemption PDF
Susan A. Ross
Appendix D: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
Edward H. Konerman

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