PROCEEDINGS of the Forty-ninth Annual Convention

Baltimore, Maryland. June 9-12, 1994

THEME: Jesus: The Concrete Foundation of Christianity

Table of Contents


Jesus and Salvation PDF
Elizabeth A. Johnson
Response: Clear Distinctions but Uncertain Paths PDF
Paul F. Knitter
Jesus of Nazareth, Norm for the Church PDF
Bernard J. Cooke
Response: Jesus as the Norm of the Church PDF
T. Howland Sanks
Jesus and Ethics PDF
William C. Spohn
Response: Small Hearts and Ultimate Powers PDF
D. M. Yeager
Presidential Address: The Jesus in Whom the Churches of the Apostolic Age Believed PDF
Gerard S. Sloyan
Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective PDF
Catherine M. LaCugna
Ruach and Dabhar Christology: A Metaphorical Correlation PDF
Bernard J. Lee
The Jesus of Piety and the Historical Jesus PDF
Francis S. Fiorenza
Jesus and Wisdom: Convergences and Challenges PDF
Daniel J. Harrington
The Historically Jewish Jesus Encounters One Modern Catholic Theologian: A Cautionary Tale PDF
Sarah J. Tanzer
Christ and Christology in the Wider Ecumenism PDF
Monika Hellwig
Christology in Light of the Jewish-Christian Dialogue PDF
John T. Pawlikowski
The Concrete Foundation of Christianity: Re-Membering Jesus PDF
Mary Rose D'Angelo
Response, with a Prolegomenon to a Womanist Christological Reconstruction PDF
Jamie T. Phelps
Bioethics PDF
Mark Johnson
Black Catholic Baltimore PDF
M. Shawn Copeland
Communications and Theology PDF
Bernard R. Bonnot
Contemporary Trinitarian Theology PDF
Barbara A. Finan
Ecumenism PDF
Joan McGuire
Ethics and Healthcare Reform PDF
Daniel M. Cowdin
Feminist Theology PDF
Susan M. St. Ville
Moral Theology PDF
Thomas A. Shannon
Nonfoundationalism and Catholic Theology PDF
Paul F. Lakeland
Spirituality and Constructive Theology PDF
Mark A. McIntosh
American Catholic Experience PDF
Charles L. Moutenot
Hans Urs von Balthasar Society PDF
David L. Schindler
Black Catholic Theology PDF
Diana L. Hayes
Catholic Social Teaching PDF
Todd D. Whitmore
Christology PDF
Thomas H. West
Comparative Theology PDF
Daniel P. Sheridan
Ecclesiology PDF
Susan K. Wood
Hispanic/Latino Theologies PDF
Orlando O. Espin
John Courtney Murray Group PDF
J. Leon Hooper
Medieval Theology PDF
Joseph P. Wawrykow
Method in Theology PDF
Margaret M. Campbell
Moral Theology PDF
Michael J. Schuck
North American Theology PDF
John J. Markey
Patristic Theology PDF
Kenneth B. Steinhauser
Practical Theology PDF
Robert L. Kinast
The Karl Rahner Society PDF
Mary V. Maher
Renaissance/Modern Theology PDF
Zachary Hayes
Sacramental and Liturgical Theology PDF
Prudence M. Croke
Spirituality PDF
Elizabeth Carr
Theology and the Natural Sciences PDF
William R. Stoeger
Theology in the Seminary Context PDF
Roger E. McGrath
Theological Anthropology PDF
Mary Catherine Hilkert
Presidential Panel on Undergraduate Teaching PDF
J. J. Mueller
Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology PDF
Pamela Kirk
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward H. Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
Roger E. McGrath
APPENDIX A: Archbishop Keeler's Address at the Murray Banquet PDF
William H. Keeler
APPENDIX B: Report of the Karl Rahner Society Meeting PDF
Mary V. Maher
APPENDIX C: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
Edward H. Konerman

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