PROCEEDINGS of the Fifty-first Annual Convention

San Diego, California. June 6-9, 1996

THEME: Toward a Spirited Theology: the Holy Spirit's Challenge to the Theological Disciplines

Table of Contents


PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Turn to the Heavens and the Earth: Retrieval of the Cosmos in Theology PDF
Elizabeth A. Johnson
"Do Not Stifle the Spirit!": Karl Rahner, the Legacy of Vatican II, and Its Urgency for Theology Today PDF
John Randall Sachs
Response to John R. Sachs PDF
Catherine Mowry LaCugna
Playing with the Spirit: a Response to Elizabeth Dreyer PDF
Joan N. Nuth
The Role of the Holy Spirit in Contemporary Moral Theology PDF
Philip S. Keane
Response to Philip S. Keane PDF
Nonna Verna Harrison
"Do Not Stifle the Spirit!": Karl Rahner, the Legacy of Vatican II, and Its Urgency for Theology Today PDF
John W. Alverson
Narratives of the Spirit: Recovering a Medieval Source PDF
Mary McKay
The Role of the Holy Spirit in Today's Moral Theology PDF
Mary Ann Dillon
The Holy Spirit's Assistance to the Magisterium in Teaching: Theological and Philosophical Issues PDF
Margaret O'Gara, Michael Vertin
The Holy Spirit in Art: the Theological Bearing of Visual Representation PDF
Albert C. Labriola, George S. Worgul, Jr
An Ecumenical Colloquium on Yves Congar: His Pneumatology PDF
Mark E. Ginter, J. Robert Nelson
Pneumatology Overview: Trinitarian Guidelines for Speaking about the Holy Spirit PDF
Kilian McDonnell
Religious Families as Sources for a Theology of the Holy Spirit: Monastic, Mendicant, Apostolic, and Contemporary Lay Movements PDF
Annice Callahan
Conscience and the Holy Spirit PDF
James P. Hanigan
Revelation and Ecclesiology: the Holy Spirit as Interpreting Agent in the Church PDF
Mary Ann Hinsdale
Pneumatology and Mariology PDF
Frederick M. Jelly
Ecclesiology/Canon Law PDF
James A. Coriden
The Spirit and Hinduism PDF
James L. Fredericks
John Henry Newman's Pneumatology PDF
Gerard Magill
Historical Roots of Feminist Theology in the Americas PDF
Lillian Bozak-Deleo
Catholic Social Teaching PDF
Thomas Poundstone
Eschatology PDF
Anthony J. Godzieba
Fundamental/Systematic Theology PDF
Patricia A. Plovanich
Historical Theology PDF
Keith J. Egan
Black Catholic Theology PDF
Bryan Massingale
Christology PDF
Thomas H. West
Comparative Theology PDF
James L. Fredericks
Ecclesiology/Ecumenics PDF
Susan Wood
Hispanic/Latino Theologies PDF
Orlando Espin
Method in Theology PDF
Terrence W. Tilley
Moral Theology PDF
Dolores Christie
North American Contextual Theology PDF
John J. Markey
Patristic Theology PDF
John J. O'Keefe
Karl Rahner Society/Moral Theology PDF
Joan M. Nuth
Renaissance/Modern Theology PDF
Bradford E. Hinze
Sacramental and Liturgical Theology PDF
Robert J. Daly
Soteriology PDF
Jon Nilson
Spirituality PDF
Elizabeth A. Carr
Theological Anthropology PDF
Anne M. Clifford
Theology and the Natural Sciences PDF
James R. Pambrun
Trinitarian Theology PDF
Joseph A. Bracken
Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology PDF
Susan Simonaitis
John Courtney Murray Group PDF
Leon Hooper
Practical Theology PDF
Mark L. Poorman
Ecclesiology/Pastoral Theology PDF
Georgia Keightley
Hans Urs von Balthasar Society PDF
David Schindler
Criteria for Catholic Theology PDF
Matthew L. Lamb
Communication Theology PDF
Bernard R. Bonnot
Theology in the Seminary Context PDF
Jack A. Bonsor
Missiology and Mission Theology PDF
Carl F. Starkloff
Welcoming Remarks PDF
Robert H. Brom
Preaching at Convention Liturgy PDF
Elizabeth Johnson
John Courtney Murray Award Citation PDF
Edward H. Konerman
Secretary's Report PDF
Edward H. Konerman
Treasurer's Report PDF
Roger E. McGrath
APPENDIX A: Elizabeth Johnson's June 6, 1996 Memorandum to the Members of the CTSA PDF
Elizabeth Johnson
APPENDIX B: Tradition and the Ordination of Women: a Question of Criteria PDF
Jon Nilson, Margaret Farley, Francis Sullivan
APPENDIX C: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
Edward H. Konerman

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