PROCEEDINGS of the Fifty-second Annual Convention

Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 5-8, 1997

THEME: Eucharist for the Twenty-first Century

Table of Contents


PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: The Millennium, Christ, and the Academy: Thoughts on John Paul II's Challenge PDF
William M. Thompson
The Church and the Eucharist PDF
Mary Collins
A Response to Mary Collins PDF
James B. Nickoloff
The Eucharist and Popular Religiosity PDF
Gary Macy
A Response to Gary Macy PDF
Joan H. Timmerman
The Eucharist and Ministerial Leadership PDF
John F. Baldovin
A Response to John F. Baldovin PDF
Rosa Maria Icaza
The Church and the Eucharist PDF
Jeffrey Gros
The Eucharist and Popular Religiosity PDF
Diana L. Hayes
The Eucharist and Ministerial Leadership PDF
James R. Pambrun
Ave Verum Corpus: Music and the Eucharist PDF
Paul A. Jacobson
Common Ground Project—State of the Question PDF
Stephen J. Pope
Reflections on the Synods and the Upcoming Synod for America PDF
Donald W. Wuerl
Postmodern Sacramental Theology PDF
Donald L. Gelpi
Women and the Eucharist PDF
Susan A. Ross
A Discussion on Eucharistic Theology in Jean-Luc Marion's God without Being PDF
Xavier John Seubert
Congar and Christian Worship PDF
Mark E. Ginter
Alternatives to Dissent? Seeking Responsible and Constructive Approaches PDF
Christine E. Gudorf
The Fundamental Character of the Local Eucharistic Worshipping Community PDF
Phillip J. Linden, Jr.
Ethics and the Eucharist PDF
Maura A. Ryan
Ethical, Theological, and Legal Issues in Human Germline Therapy PDF
Thomas A. Shannon
La Eucaristía en las comunidades de base de América Latina PDF
Gregory A. Banazak
Interreligious Friendship as a New Theological Virtue PDF
James Fredericks
Parish Councils: Whose Interpretation of Vatican II Was Right? PDF
Mark F. Fischer
Catholic Social Teaching PDF
William P. George
Christology PDF
Michael E. O'Keeffe
Comparative Theology PDF
James L. Fredericks
Early Christian Theology PDF
John J. O'Keefe
Ecclesiology PDF
Susan K. Wood
Hispanic/Latino Theologies PDF
Roberto S. Goizueta
Medieval Theology PDF
Katherine M. Yohe
Method in Theology PDF
Terrence W. Tilley, M. Shawn Copeland
Moral Theology PDF
Philip J. Rossi
North American Contextual Theology PDF
John J. Markey
Karl Rahner Society/Hans Urs von Balthasar Society PDF
Melvin Michalski
Renaissance/Modern Theology PDF
Bradford Hinze
Sacramental and Liturgical Theology PDF
Bruce T. Morrill
Spirituality PDF
Joan M. Nuth
Theological Anthropology PDF
Anne M. Clifford
Theology and the Natural Sciences PDF
William R. Stoeger
Trinitarian Theology PDF
Joseph A. Bracken
Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology PDF
Susan M. St. Ville
Criteria for Catholic Theology PDF
Matthew Lamb
Communication Theology PDF
Bernard R. Bonnot
Missiology and Mission Theology PDF
Lou McNeil
Theology in a Seminary Context PDF
Jack A. Bonsor
Practical Theology PDF
Mark L. Poorman
Preaching at Convention Liturgy PDF
William M. Thompson
Secretary's Report PDF
Mary Ann Hinsdale
Treasurer's Report PDF
Roger E. McGrath
Appendix A: Tradition and the Ordination of Women PDF
Margaret Farley
Appendix B: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
Mary Ann Hinsdale

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