PROCEEDINGS of the Fifty-ninth Annual Convention

Weston, Virginia. June 10-13, 2004

THEME: Reconciliation: Gift and Challenge

Table of Contents


Memory of Reconciliation—Reconciliation of Memory PDF
Miroslav Wolf
A Response to Miroslav Volf
Michele Saracino
The Sign of Peace: The Mission of the Church to the Nations PDF
Michael J. Baxter
A Response to Michael Baxter PDF
Christine Firer Hinze
Reconciliation as Embodied Change: A South African Perspective PDF
Denise M. Ackermann
A Response to Denise Ackermann PDF
David Hollenbach
PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS Political Theology as Interruptive PDF
M. Shawn Copeland


Theological Reconciliation between Reformed and Catholic Understandings of the Eucharist PDF
Jeffrey Gros
The Catholic Laity and the Challenge of Reconciliation PDF
John E. Thiel
Bernard Cooke's Contribution to Theology PDF
William P. Roberts
Women's Experience as a Source of Reconciliation PDF
Susan M. Maloney
Theology of Religions PDF
Francis X. Clooney, S.J.
The Catholic Common Ground Initiative PDF
Angela Senander
Christian Jewish Relations PDF
Elizabeth Groppe
Ritual, Violence, and Reconciliation in the Abrahamic Traditions PDF
Leo Lefebure
Moral and Sacramental Theology PDF
Joyce K. McClure


Comparative Theology PDF
Catherine Cornille
Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology PDF
Elaine Catherine MacMillan
Black Catholic Theology PDF
Bryan N. Massingale
Medieval Theology PDF
David M. Williams
Trinitarian Theology PDF
Anthony Keaty
Missiology and Mission Theology PDF
Colleen Mary Mallon
Bioethics and Healthcare PDF
David F. Kelly
North American Contextual Theologies PDF
Nancy Pineda-Madrid
Von Balthasar Society PDF
Peter Casarella
Renaissance and Modern Theology PDF
William E. McConville
Catholic Social Teaching PDF
Margaret R. Pfeil
Early Christian Theology PDF
Alexis James Doval
Yves Congar Ecumenical Colloquium PDF
Michael Attridge
Spirituality PDF
Diana L. Villegas
Christology PDF
Tatha Wiley
Practical Theology PDF
Raymond J. Webb
Theology and the Natural Sciences PDF
William R. Stoeger
Ecclesiology PDF
Edward P. Hahnenberg
Moral Theology PDF
Thomas B. Leininger, Kristin Heyer
Karl Rahner Society PDF
Howard J. Ebert
Sacramental and Liturgical Theology PDF
Judith M. Kubicki
Comparative Theology PDF
Michael T. McLaughlin
Method in Theology PDF
Richard M. Liddy
Thought of John Henry Newman PDF
Edward Jeremy Miller


Theology and Ecology PDF
Peter Ellard
Constructive Theology and Contemporary Theory PDF
Vincent J. Miller
Church in the United States PDF
William A. Clark
Theology and Philosophy PDF
James Le Grys
White Privilege and Racism PDF
Laurie Cassidy
Theological Anthropology PDF
Anne M. Clifford


World Church Theology PDF
Gerald M. Boodoo
The Nature and Purpose of the Church PDF
Michael A. Fahey, S.J.
Theological Implications of the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality PDF
James B. Nickoloff


Memories of Four Theological Pioneers on the the Anniversary of Their Births PDF
Mark E. Ginther
On Yves M.-J. Congar, O.P. PDF
Joseph A. Komonchak
On Bernard Lonergan, S.J. PDF
Robert M. Doran, S.J.
On John Courtney Murray, S.J. PDF
J. Leon Hooper, S.J.
On Karl Rahner, S.J. PDF
Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J.


Secretary's Report PDF
M. Theresa Moser
Treasurer's Report PDF
Roger E. McGrath


Appendix. Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
M. Theresa Moser

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