PROCEEDINGS of the Sixty-First Annual Convention

San Antonio, Texas. June 8–11, 2006

THEME: Theology in Dialogue

Table of Contents


The Encounter of the Early Church with the Greek and Roman World: A View from Monastic Theology PDF
Columba Stewart
A Response to Columba Stewart PDF
Gary Macy
Theology and Indigenous Cultures of the Americas: Conditions of Dialogue PDF
María Pilar Aquino
A Response to María Pilar Aquino PDF
Carl Starkloff
Dangers and Promise in the Encounter of Theology and the Secular Intellectual World PDF
Stanley Hauerwas
A Response to Stanley Hauerwas PDF
Christine Gudorf
Dialogue, Proclamation, and the Sacramental Imagination PDF
Mary Catherine Hilker
Theological Reflections on Dislocated Lives PDF
Edward Sunshine
The Moral Theology of William C. Spohn PDF
Thomas B. Leininger
Theology and Publishing PDF
Paul Crowley
Christian Jewish Relations PDF
Carol Ann Martinelli
Discourse, Dialogue, and Spirituality PDF
Francis X. McAloon
Theology in Global Perspective PDF
James A. Wiseman
Economics and Theology PDF
Albino Barrera
The Im/Possibility of Dialogue PDF
Susan Abraham
Catholic Theologies, Intrafaith Dialogue, and Pluralism PDF
Teresia Hinga
Peter and Paul Seminar PDF
James A. Coriden
Asian Churches in Dialogue PDF
Edmund K.-F. Chia
Terror and Eschatology PDF
Natalie Kertes Weaver
Ritualized Readings PDF
W. T. Dickens
The Complexity of Dialogue PDF
Thomas Ryan
Theology and the Arts PDF
Susan A. Ross
Indology and Theology: Disciplines in Dialogue PDF
Francis X. Clooney
Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology PDF
Dawn M. Nothwehr
Lessons from Ancient Christian Catecheses and Polemics PDF
Alexis Janes Doval
Practical Moral Reasoning and Popular Culture PDF
Kristin E. Heyer
Mission in Prophetic Dialogue PDF
Stephen Bevans, Colleen Mary Mallon
S. Mark Heim's The Depth of the Riches: A Trinitarian Theology of Religious Ends PDF
Anthony Keaty
Reason, Poetry, and Theology: "Vernacularity" in Dante and Aquinas PDF
Gregory LaNave
Roman Catholic Contributions to Psychiatric Ethics: The Case of Addictions PDF
Mark Miller
Christian Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita PDF
Leo D. Lefebure
Social Science and Practical Theology: Theory, Method and Substance PDF
Kathleen A. Cahalan
Congar: Church, World, and Christian Peacemaking PDF
Jaroslav Z. Skira
Method, Dialogue, and Comparative Religions: Testing Lonergan's "Upper Blade" PDF
Richard M. Liddy
Theology in Dialogue: von Balthasar and Rahner PDF
Peter Casarella, David L. Schindler
The Black Subject in the Post-Modern World: Africana Theologies in Dialogue PDF
Jamie T. Phelps
Christian and Islamic Ethics in Dialogue PDF
Margaret R. Pfeil
Renaissance and Modern Theology PDF
William E. McConville
John Henry Newman in Dialogue PDF
Kevin Godfrey
Dialogue: After Auschwitz, after John Paul II PDF
Tatha Wiley
Sources for Latino/a Theologies: Dialogues with the Practices of Afro-Iberian Popular Religions PDF
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández
Challenges to Eucharistic and Ecclesial Communion PDF
Susan K. Wood
The Creative Suffering of the Triune God in the Evolutionary Theology of Arthur Peacocke PDF
William R. Stoeger
The Discipline of Christian Spirituality and Catholic Theology PDF
Diana L. Villegas
Encounters between Rahner and the Religious Other PDF
Howard Ebert
Theology and Ecology in Dialogue: Balthasar and Ecological Identity PDF
James Schaefer, Peter Ellard
The "Linguistic Turn" and Contemporary Theology PDF
James Le Grys
Theology in Dialogue: The Social Sin of Racism and the Social Sciences PDF
Laurie Cassidy, Alex Mikulich
Dialogues, Tensions, and "Seeds of Hope" in the United States Church PDF
William A. Clark
Theological Anthropology in Dialogue with Racial and National Identity PDF
Anne M. Clifford
The Church in a Globalized World: Dialogue or Disengagement PDF
Vincent Miller, Michele Saracino
Secretary's Report: The Sixty-First Annual Convention PDF
M. Theresa Moser
Treasurer's Report PDF
Jozef D. Zalot


Appendix 1: Addenda to the CTSA Directory PDF
M. Theresa Moser
Appendix 2: CTSA Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology: A Thumbnail History in Three Acts PDF
Anne E. Patrick, Elizabeth A. Johnson

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