PROCEEDINGS of the Sixty-Third Annual Convention

Miami, Florida. June 5-8, 2008

THEME: Generations

Table of Contents


Generations of American Catholics PDF
James D. Davidson
A Response to James D. Davidson PDF
Maureen H. O'Connell
Catholic Hispanic Theology in the U.S.: Dimensiones de la Opción Preferencial por los Pobres en el Norte PDF
MT Dávila
A Response to MT Dávila PDF
Allan Figueroa Deck
Theologies of Marriage and Family in a New Generation: An Overwhelming Desire for Home PDF
David Matzko McCarthy
Theologies of Marriage and Family in a New Generation: A Familial Vocation beyond the Home PDF
Julie Hanlon Rubio
Ecumenical Dialogue: The Next Generation PDF
Margaret O'Gara
Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States PDF
Carmen Nanko-Fernández
Catholic Studies: An Effective Strategy for Handing On the Faith to the Next Generation? PDF
Dave Gentry-Akin
Children, the Next Generation? Insights from Ethics and Pastoral Care PDF
Mary M. Doyle Roche
Christian Readings of the Islamic Tradition PDF
Pim Valkenberg
Interreligious Collaboration and Mission: Crossing Boundaries, Across Generations: To and from the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions PDF
Reid B. Locklin
The Enduring Legacy of Edward Schillebeeckx: Generations of Schillebeeckx Scholarship PDF
Kathleen McManus
Responding to a Trans-Generational Environmental Phenomenon: Global Warming: Facts, Fictions, Theories, and Catholic Theology PDF
Jame Schaefer
Looking Toward the Future: Challenges and Possibilities Facing the Next Generation of Catholic Moral Theologians PDF
Jozef Zalot
“The New Political Theology”—Thirty Years Later PDF
Kevin F. Burke
“Paradigm Change in Theology” Revisited PDF
Anthony J. Godzieba
Catholic Social Thought and Future Generations PDF
Regina Wentzel Wolfe
Suffering Joy and Ethics: A Discussion of Sidney Callahan’s Created for Joy: A Christian View of Suffering PDF
Paul Crowley
Theologies of Mary in encounter with popular religiosity and culture: All generations shall call me blessed / (?) PDF
Dorian Llywelyn
The Trinity from the Resources of Asian Religious Traditions PDF
Peter C. Phan
For This Generation and Those to Come: U.S. Hispanic/Latino/a Theology for Ministry PDF
Gloria L. Schaab
Bioethics & Healthcare: Generations, Genetics and Health Care PDF
Lisa Sowle Cahill
Incarceration: A Case Study of the Challenges of White Privilege to U.S. Catholic Social Teaching PDF
Kristin E. Heyer
Considering “Generations” in Catholicity and Mission PDF
Colleen Mary Mallon
Christology: Jesus of Galilee for Culturally Contextualized Theologies Grounded in the Option for the Poor PDF
Mark F. Fischer
Church/Ecumenism: A New Phase of the Ecumenical Movement PDF
Thomas P. Rausch
Comparative Theology: How We Began to Learn World Religions PDF
James L. Fredericks
Creation and Eschatology: Revisioning Apocalyptic: the Contributions of Newman and Merton to Eschatology Today PDF
Mary Doak
God/Trinity: God in All Things PDF
Elizabeth T. Groppe
Hisotrical Studies, I: The Generation that Resuscitated Historical Theology PDF
Sandra Yocum Mize
Historical Studies, II: The influence of Adam’s sin on next generations PDF
Sandra Yocum Mize
Method in Theology/Fundamental Theology: Appealing to the Tradition: Recent Shifts PDF
Gregory F. LaNave
Moral Theology, I PDF
Dawn M. Nothwehr
Moral Theology, II PDF
Dawn M. Nothwehr
Practical Theology: Generations and Tradition: Sexuality and Spirituality PDF
Raymond J. Webb
Sacramental Life & Liturgy: Sacraments and Generations in Two Parts PDF
Susan A. Ross
Spirituality: Popular Devotion and Creative Activity in Spirituality PDF
James A. Wiseman
Theological Anthropology: From Out of Motherhood: Considering the Human Condition from a New Perspective PDF
Paul Crowley
Theology and the Natural Sciences: Reconstructing Attributes of God—Power, Wisdom, and Goodness PDF
William R. Stoeger
Asian Theology: Between Generations: Asian Theologies Between Cultures and Religions PDF
Gemma T. Cruz
Black Catholic Theology: Black Catholic Theologians Across the Generations PDF
Shawnee M. Daniels-Sykes
Christianity & Judaism/Interreligious Studies: Is there salvation outside the Church? An Interreligious Conversation PDF
John T. Pawlikowski
Hans Urs von Balthasar Society: Neither “Kid Nation” nor “A World Without Children”: Balthasar’s Theology of Youthfulness in Relation to Romanticism and Contemporary Culture PDF
Barbara Sain
Hispanic Latino/a Theology: Methods in Latin@´ Theologies: Re-imagining Lo Cotidiano PDF
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández
Karl Rahner Society: Rahner and a New Generation of Readers PDF
Terrance W. Klein
Women's Consultation in Constructive Theology: Generation after Generation: The Changing Shape of Family Relationships PDF
Gloria L. Schaab
God, Animals & Humankind: Exploring the Theological Interdependence of Animals and Humankind PDF
Elizabeth Farians
Judaism & Postconciliar Catholic Identity: Covenant & Mission—How Differing Understandings Affect Catholic Identity: An Ecclesiological Perspective in the Light of Postconciliar Approaches to Judaism PDF
Carol Ann Martinelli
Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Interfaith Dialogue in the Thought of M. Fethullah Gulen PDF
Richard Penaskovic
Secretary's Report PDF
M. Theresa Moser
Treasurer's Report PDF
Josef D. Zalot


Appendix 1. Addenda to the CTSA Directory 2008 PDF
M. Theresa Moser
Appendix 2. Report on CUERG's Activities PDF
Peter C. Phan

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