PROCEEDINGS of the Sixty-Fourth Annual Convention

Halifax, Nova Scotia. June 4-7, 2009

THEME: Impasse...and Beyond

Table of Contents


Impasse pass: Conjugating a Tense Past PDF
Gary Macy
From Impasse to Prophetic Hope: Crisis of Memory PDF
Constance FitzGerald
A Response to Constance FitzGerald PDF
M. Shawn Copeland
Impasse and Solidarity in Theological Ethics PDF
James F. Keenan
A Response to Jim Keenan PDF
David Cloutier
Three Impasses in Christology PDF
Terrence W. Tilley
The Global Economy in Impasse PDF
Bryan N. Massingale, C. Vanessa White
Avery Cardinal Dulles PDF
Robert C. Christie
In this Matter of a School’s Catholic Identity: From Ex Corde Ecclesiae to What? PDF
Richard Liddy
The Community of Sant’Egidio as a Lived Theology: A Way Forward in the Impasse over Church-World Theology? PDF
Laurie Johnston
Imagining the World Anew: The Arts and the Beauty of Impasse PDF
Maureen H. O'Connell
Interreligious Dialogue & Christology: Hindu Christology – Impasse or Opportunity? PDF
Reid B. Locklin
Christian Visions of Reconciliation in Rwanda and Northern Ireland: PDF
Jay Carney
Secular Rock and Sacred Theology? Listening Past the Stalemate PDF
Tom Beaudoin
Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola: PDF
Patricia A. Parachini
Crossing the Divide: A Theology of Migration PDF
Linh Hoang
Bioethics & Health Care Ethics: What Good is Health Care? Comparing US and Canadian Health Systems PDF
Lisa Fullam
Catholic Social Thought: Immigration and Catholic Social Ethics PDF
Christopher P. Vogt
Catholicity & Mission: When Basic Values Collide: Impasse in the Praxis of Mission PDF
Robert Schreiter
Christ: Impasse and Beyond: Engaging the Current Christological Controversies PDF
Kathleen McManus
Church/Ecumenism: Barriers and Bridges: The Challenge of Mormon-Catholic Dialogue PDF
Thomas P. Rausch
Comparative Theology: Classic “Impasses” in Muslim-Christian Encounters PDF
Tracy Sayuki Tiemeier
Impasse in Creation and Eschatology PDF
Colleen Carpenter Cullinan
Fundamental Theology/Method: Theological Method as Leading Beyond Impasse PDF
Alison Mearns Benders
God/Trinity: Immanence, Transcendence, and Divine Freedom: Trinitarian Theologies East and West PDF
Joseph A. Bracken
Historical Studies, I: Interreligious Relations at an Impasse: Historical Precedents PDF
Michael Slusser
Historical Studies, II: Sacraments at an Impasse: Confi rmation and Confession PDF
Michael Slusser
Liturgy/Sacraments: Impasse in Liturgy and Sacraments PDF
Judith M. Kubicki
Moral Theology, I PDF
Elisabeth Brinkmann
Moral Theology, II PDF
Elisabeth Brinkmann
Practical Theology: An Introduction by Richard Osmer PDF
Kathleen A. Cahalan
Spirituality: Considering Impasses in Christian Spirituality PDF
James A. Wiseman
Theological Anthropology: Bridging Material and Non-Material Aspects of Personhood PDF
Erin Lothes Biviano
Theology and Science: Anxiety or Equanimity: Christoph Schönborn and Hans Urs von Balthasar on the Relationship of Natural Science and Christian Truth PDF
Gloria L. Schaab
The Survival of Asian Theology in America: Impasse, Ipseity, or Insistent Interruption PDF
Rachel Bundang
Black Catholic Theology: HIV/AIDS in Black: Moving Beyond the Impasse PDF
LaReine-Marie Mosely
Christianity & Judaism/Interreligious Studies: Evangelization/Christian Mission PDF
Angela Kim Harkins
Hans Urs von Balthasar Society: Balthasar’s Impasse and Contemporary Christology PDF
Barbara Sain
Hispanic Latino/a Theology: People on the Move: Asian American and US Latin@ Theologies in Dialogue PDF
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández
Karl Rahner Society PDF
Ann Riggs
Women's Consultation in Constructive Theology: Fermenting Impasse: Women’s Critical Communities and Ecclesial Transformation PDF
Jane E. Russell
God, Animals & Humankind: Impasse and Beyond: About the Animals PDF
Elizabeth Farians
Judaism & Postconciliar Catholic Identity: Developments in Christology Based on Postconciliar Approaches to Judaism and their Impact on Catholic Identity PDF
Carol Ann Martinelli
Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Does the Muslim Notion of God as One (Tawhid) Contradict the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity? PDF
Richard Penaskovic
Reconciliation and Restorative Justice: Anamnestic Solidarity: Immigration from the Perspective of Restorative Justice PDF
William O’Neill
Catholic Theology & Global Warming: Crafting a Theological Response to Human-Forced Climate Change PDF
Jame Schaefer
"When the Magisterium Intervenes...": Investigations regarding the Exercise of the Magisterium in Contemporary Social and Ecclesial Contexts PDF
Richard R. Gaillardetz
Secretary's Report PDF
Mary Theresa Moser
Treasurer's Report PDF
Jozef D. Zalot


Appendix 2. Report on Cuerg's Activities PDF
Carmen Nanko-Fernández
Appendix 3. Welcome Address PDF
Archbishop Anthony Mancini

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