PROCEEDINGS of the Sixty-Sixth Annual Convention

San José, California. June 9-12, 2011

THEME: All the Saints

Table of Contents


One Wholly Catholic: Saints and Sanctity in the Post-Apostolic Church PDF
Maureen A. Tilley
"I Want to Be in That Number": Desire, Inclusivity, and the Church PDF
Paul Lakeland
A Response to Paul Lakeland PDF
Michelle A. Gonzalez Maldonado
Over, Under, Around, and Through: Ethics, Solidarity, and the Saints PDF
Christine Firer Hinz
A Response to Christine Firer Hinze PDF
Christopher P. Vogt
St. Mary of Magdala: Ecclesiological Provocations PDF
Mary Ann Hinsdale
My Body Broken for You: Rethinking Martyrdom, Discipleship, and Communion PDF
Kevin F. Burke
Scripting the Saints PDF
Lawrence S. Cunningham
The Saints in Popular Culture PDF
Tom Beaudoin
Church of Saints and Sinners PDF
Catherine E. Clifford
Communion of Saints in Christian-Muslim Dialogue PDF
Marianne Farina
Medieval Approaches to Sainthood and Christian Life PDF
Rita George-Tvrtkovic
Mimetic Theory and Theology: “Girardian Anthropology, Sanctifi cation, and Imitation” PDF
Grant Kaplan
Soothsaying, Saints, and the “Signs of the Times”: A Debate About History As A Source For Theological Ethics PDF
Laurie Johnston
African Theology: The New Forms of Martyrdom and Sainthood in Africa PDF
Cyril Orji
The Postmodern “Saints” of France PDF
Colby Dickinson
Towards an Epistemology of Sanctity PDF
Jessica M. Murdoch
When the Saints Come Marching Out PDF
Vincent A. Pizzuto
Anthropology: “Saintly Stories and Black Embodied Being: A Roundtable Discussion of the Work of M. Shawn Copeland” PDF
Michele Saracino
Bioethics & Healthcare Ethics: Holiness, Poverty, and ‘All the Saint’: Seeking Justice in Health Care PDF
Ronald Mercier
Catholic Social Thought: Sanctity, the Saints, and Catholic Social Thought PDF
Christopher P. Vogt
Catholicity & Mission: Mission as a Call and Witness to Holiness PDF
Gemma Tulud Cruz
Christ PDF
Thomas G. Weina
Church/Ecumenism: Who Are the Saints? PDF
Christopher Ruddy
Comparative Theology: Bodhisattvas, Walis, and Sadhus: Saints in Other Traditions as Resources for Christian Comparative Theology? PDF
Pim Valkenberg
Creation & Eschatology: Eschatology—Communion of Saints PDF
Eugene Finnegan
Fundamental Theology/Method PDF
James F. Keating
God/Trinity: Trinity and Deification PDF
Gloria L. Schaab
Historical Studies, I: Saint-Making by the Academy? PDF
Daniel E. Doyle
Historical Studies, II PDF
Helen M. Ciernick
Liturgy/Sacraments: All The Saints PDF
Timothy Brunk
Moral Theology, I: “The Ecology of Virtues: Wild Implications from a Catholic Environmental Virtue Ethic” PDF
David Cloutier
Moral Theology, II: “Saintly Life Today” PDF
David Cloutier
Practical Theology: The Saints and Tradition: A Distinctively Catholic Conversation in Practical Theology? PDF
Bryan Thomas Froehle
Spirituality: Contemporary Models of Sanctity PDF
Peter Feldmeier
Theology & the Natural Sciences: “Science and the Saint: Is Personal Holiness the Bond Between Science and Religion?” PDF
Ilia Delio
Asian Theology: Asian Saints: Their Contemporary Message PDF
Joseph Cheah
Black Catholic Theology PDF
Shawnee Daniels-Sykes
Christianity & Judaism: Controversial Canonizations PDF
Mary C. Boys
Hans Urs von Balthasar Society: All the Saints: Holiness in the World and Theological Wisdom PDF
Barbara Sain
Hispanic Latin @ Theology: Saints of the Prescribed and of the Proscribed: A Dialogue between Asian and Latin @ Theologians PDF
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández
Karl Rahner Society PDF
Paulette Skiba
Women's Consultation in Constructive Theology: Who Are the Friends of God Today? Constructive Responses to Elizabeth Johnson’s Friends of God and Prophets PDF
Katharine E. Harmon
Reconciliation & Restorative Justice: The Last Judgment: Christian Ethics in a Legal Culture PDF
William O'Neill
Catholic Theology & Global Warming: Confronting the Climate Crisis: Feminist and Sacramental Perspectives PDF
Jame Schaefer
Investigations regarding th"When the Magisterium Intervenes": Exercise of the Magisterium in Contemporary Social and Ecclesial Contexts PDF
Richard R. Gaillardetz
Intercultural / Transnational Pedagogies: The Differences that Difference Makes: Resourcing Intercultural and Transnational Pedagogies PDF
Jean-Pierre Ruiz
Economic Justice for All Twenty-Five Years Later: Insights and Oversights of Economic Justice for All PDF
Mark J. Allman
Theology of Migration PDF
Linh Hoang
The Spirituality of John Henry Newman PDF
John R. Connolly
Mary in Comtemporary and Global Perspective PDF
Dorian Llywelyn
Secretary's Report PDF
Mary Theresa Moser
Treasurer's Report PDF
Jozef D. Zalot


Appendix 1. Addenda to the CTSA Directory 2011 PDF
Mary Theresa Moser
Appendix 2. Report on CUERG's Activities PDF
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández
Appendix 3. Welcome Address PDF
Bishop Patrick J. McGrath

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