Vol 9, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents


Jinhee Park
I Spy the Everglow
Rebecca Kostopoulos
Sofie Suter
Going Home
Earl Edwards


Still, They Persist: The Failures of Operation Gatekeeper
Eddy Hernandez-Perez
Never Say "Never Again": The Confrontation of Genocide
Stephanie Saltzman
Cracking the Recovery Code
Ellie Lord
Fundamental Advice to Next Year's Freshman Class
Katie Faughnan

Documented Essay

Fast Food: Clogging the World's Arteries
John Cordo
Meat Cravers vs. Health Lovers
Bridget Sweeney
Twin Individuality
Colin Kunzweiler
Chinatown's Bus of Horrors
David Loo


The Reversal
Matthew McCluskey
Kathleen Doyle
America's Favorite Neighbor
Nidia Fevry
One Religious Quest
Courtney L. Kipp
Magic in the Pediatric Ward
Cathleen K. Chopra-McGowan


A Painter's Journey
Vlad Avkshtol
Delta Landscape
Melissa Roberts
The Pass
Sydney S. Sanchez
An Inaudible Melody
Colleen Kocer
Victoria Havlicek


The Secret Meaning of Secret Embrace
Robin A. Lackey
Education: A Process Transcending Academia
Ben Pickering
The Soul's Pulse
Angelo J. Cangialosi
(Not So) Fond Farewells
Adam Martin
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