Integritas: Advancing the Mission of Catholic Higher Education

Spring 2014 Roundtable

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to share with you Volume 3 of Integritas, the journal of the Boston College Roundtable, on the theme of Science and the Person.

The Roundtable brings together scholars from Catholic colleges and universities from across the country and from across academic disciplines to discuss the mission of Catholic higher education as experienced in the contemporary context. Its stated goal is to explore through writing and conversation how institutions rooted in the Catholic tradition stand to enrich academic freedom and student learning, ultimately leading to the formation of the wholly integrated human person.

Does a university or college built on the Catholic expression of faith and its rich intellectual tradition add value to the educational enterprise? The papers and discussions included in Volume 3 leave little doubt. In a time when genetic determinism seemingly puts destiny in our own hands, when the liberal arts are under siege in favor of more “practical” aims of education, and when Pope Francis challenges us to be missionary disciples, the explorations in Science and the Person show that the dynamic interplay between faith and science has never been more relevant. The conversation raises important considerations about the ways in which Catholic institutions can chart a future course for science education and research.

The April meeting of the Roundtable was the third convening of this interdisciplinary group of scholars. Over time, they have created an environment of trust, openness, and deep listening that allows for creativity and imagination. Hospitality and respite from routine complete the formula. If new models of mission integration help to further the ideals of Catholic higher education, here is a place to start.

Thank you for your interest in Integritas. I hope you will share any thoughts or comments, and pass Science and the Person along to others who might be interested in the conversation.

Lisa M. Hastings
Director, The Integritas Project



Vol 3, No 1 (2014): Genetic Determinism in the Post-Genomic Age

Vol 3, No 2 (2014): The Study of Science in Catholic Higher Education in the United States

Vol 3, No 3 (2014): Science and the Human Person


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