Integritas: Advancing the Mission of Catholic Higher Education

Fall 2015 Roundtable

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to share with you Volume 6 of Integritas, the publication of the Boston College Roundtable, on the theme of Catholicism and Modernity.

The Roundtable brings together scholars from Catholic colleges and universities from across the country and from across academic disciplines to discuss the mission of Catholic higher education as experienced in the contemporary context. Its stated goal is to explore through writing and conversation how institutions rooted in the Catholic tradition stand to enrich academic freedom and student learning, ultimately leading to the formation of a wholly integrated human person.

Volume 6 is the first publication of our second cohort of scholars: a group that hails from ten different Catholic institutions, representing six different religious congregations and a conference of bishops. Like our first cohort, these scholars have been trained in various academic disciplines and bring a wealth of knowledge of the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic higher education. We are very pleased to host the conversation that they will carry on over the next two years.

The Fall 2015 Roundtable addressed the complex relationship between Catholicism and modernity, with papers given by a historian, an economist, and a scholar of theology and literature. The conversation addressed themes at the heart of Catholic higher education today, which we hope will shed light on questions of mission in Catholic colleges and universities.

Thank you for your interest in Integritas. Please feel free to share this publication with others who might be interested in this conversation.


Jack Butler, S.J.
Vice President for University Mission and Ministry



Vol 6, No 1 (2015): The Enduring Tensions Between Catholicism and Modernity

Vol 6, No 2 (2015): Catholicism and Modernity

Vol 6, No 3 (2015): Shades of Greene in Catholic Literary Modernism

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