Vol 33, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents

President’s Message: UX Thinking and the LITA Member Experience PDF
Rachel Vacek 1-4


Negotiating a Text Mining License for Faculty Researchers PDF
Lynne M Fox, Leslie A. Williams, Lawrence Hunter, Christophe Roeder 5-21
High-Performance Annotation Tagging over Solr Full-text Indexes PDF
Paolo Manghi, Michele Artini, Alessia Bardi, Claudio Atzori, Sandro La Bruzzo, Marko Mikulicic 22-44
Adventure Code Camp: Library Mobile Design in the Backcountry PDF
David Ward, James Hahn, Lori Mestre 45-52
A Candid Look at Collected Works: Challenges of Clustering Aggregates in GLIMIR and FRBR PDF
Gail Thornburg 53-64


The Free Software Alternative: Freeware, Open Source Software, and Libraries PDF
James Edward Corbly 65-75

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