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Vol 10, No 1 (1978)

''Burn-out"—Contemporary Dilemma for the Jesuit Social Activist / Alfred C. Kammer

'Burn-out"—Contemporary Dilemma for the Jesuit Social Activist: Other Viewpoints / Richard L. Smith, Francisco Ornelas, Noel Barre


Vol 9, No 5 (1977)

A Jesuit's Account of Conscience— for Personal and Organizational Effectiveness / James J. Gill

Vol 9, No 4 (1977)

Jesuit Spiritualities and the Struggle for Social Justice: A Letter on the Problematic, to Phil Land from Bill Connolly / Bill Connolly

Jesuit Spiritualities and the Struggle for Social Justice: A Reply about the Problematic from Phil Land / Phil Land

Jesuit Spiritualities and the Struggle for Social Justice: A Reply to Phil Land: Afterthoughts from Bill Connolly / Bill Connolly

Vol 9, No 3 (1977)

The Reluctance to Admit Sin / Robert F. Harvanek

Vol 9, No 1 and 2 (1977)

Changes in U. S. Jesuit Membership, 1958-1975 A Symposium: Section I. The Statistics and a Tentative Analysis / Joseph M. Becker

Changes in U. S. Jesuit Membership, 1958-1975 A Symposium: Section II. Other Reactions and Explanations from Different Backgrounds / Ladislas Orsy, Robert F. Harvanek, James J. Gill, David L. Fleming, William J. Connolly, William A. Barry


Vol 8, No 5 (1976)

Jesuit Priesthood: Its Meaning and Commitments / Michael J. Buckley

Vol 8, No 4 (1976)

Jesuit Community: Community of Prayer / Robert L. Faricy

Vol 8, No 2-3 (1976)

On Becoming Poor A Symposium on Evangelical Poverty: A More Authentic Poverty / Horacio De la Costa

On Becoming Poor A Symposium on Evangelical Poverty: The Decree of Poverty / Edward F. Sheridan

Vol 8, No 1 (1976)

Acatamiento: Ignatian Reverence in History and in Contemporary Culture / Charles E. O'Neill


Vol 7, No 5 (1975)

The Confirmation of Promise: a Letter to George Ganss / Michael J. Buckley

Continuity and Change in General Congregation XXXII / John W. Padberg

Vol 7, No 4 (1975)

Ignatian Spirituality and Societal Consciousness / Thomas E. Clarke

Faith and Justice: Some Reflections / Ladislas Orsy

Vol 7, No 3 (1975)

Contemporary Spiritual Direction: Scope and Principles An Introductory Essay / William J. Connolly

Vol 7, No 2 (1975)

The Christian Life Communities as Sprung from the Sodalities of Our Lady / George E. Ganss

Specimen Copy of Communications from the International Service in Ignatian Spirituality, Rome / Jose Gsell, Francoise Vandermeersch

Vol 7, No 1 (1975)

On thinking with the Church today / John H. Wright, George E. Ganss, Ladislas Orsy


Vol 6, No 5 (1974)

The Christ-Experience and Relationship Fostered in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola / Robert L. Schmitt

Vol 6, No 4 (1974)

A Commentario on the Deliberatio primorum Patrum, Newly Translated, with a Historical Introduction / Jules J. Toner

Vol 6, No 3 (1974)

Joy and Judgment in Religious Obedience / David B. Knight

Vol 6, No 1 and 2 (1974)

The General Congregations of the Society of Jesus A Brief Survey of Their History / John W. Padberg


Vol 5, No 5 (1973)

Toward a Theological Evaluation of Communal Discernment / Ladislas Orsy

Vol 5, No 4 (1973)

The Pentecostal Thing and Jesuits / John C. Haughey

Vol 5, No 3 (1973)

Art and the Spirit of the Society of Jesus / Pedro Arrupe

Art in Jesuit Life / Clement J. McNaspy

Vol 5, No 1 and 2 (1973)

Renewal: Call and Response / Vincent J. O'Flaherty


Vol 4, No 5 (1972)

Communal Discernment: Reflections on Experience / John Carroll Futrell

Vol 4, No 4 (1972)

On Continuity and Change. A Symposium / George E. Ganss, John H. Wright, John W. O'Malley, Leo J. O'Donovan, Avery Dulles

Vol 4, No 3 (1972)

Some Questions about the Purpose and Scope of the General Congregation / Ladislas Orsy

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