Vol 1, No 1 (2005)

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Editors' Introduction

Editors' Introduction ABSTRACT     PDF
Philip A. Cunningham, Edward D. Kessler

Feature Topic Articles: Peer-Reviewed

Forging an Incarnational Theology Two Score Years after Nostra Aetate ABSTRACT     PDF
Jesper Svartvik
"With Sincere Reverence": A Christological Perspective for the Interreligious Dialogue Envisioned by Nostra Aetate ABSTRACT     PDF
Paolo Gamberini, SJ
After 40 Years, Nostra Aetate's Christological Implications ABSTRACT     PDF
Hans Hermann Henrix
A Covenantal Christology ABSTRACT     PDF
Philip A. Cunningham
Jewish-Christian Dialogue and the Theology of Religions ABSTRACT     PDF
Christian M. Rutishauser

Bible: Peer-Reviewed Articles

Can Catholicism Validate Jewish Biblical Interpretation? ABSTRACT     PDF
Jon D. Levenson
What Can a Catholic Learn from the History of Jewish Biblical Exegesis? ABSTRACT     PDF
Gary A Anderson
Anti-Judaism in Marcion and his Opponents ABSTRACT     PDF
Joseph B. Tyson


A Holy Land Context for Nostra Aetate ABSTRACT     PDF
David M. Neuhaus, sj, Jamal Khader

Jewish Theology: Peer-Reviewed Articles

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik''s ‘Confrontation’: A Reassessment ABSTRACT     PDF
Marshall J. Breger

Liturgy: Peer-Reviewed Articles

Do We Share a Book? The Sunday Lectionary and Jewish-Christian Relations ABSTRACT     PDF
Michael Peppard
Christian Prayer and Song in a Post-Holocaust Church ABSTRACT     PDF
E. Byron Anderson
Branches of that Good Olive Tree: 21st Century Liturgical Challenges and Possibilities ABSTRACT     PDF
Audrey Doetzel


Bernd Janowski and Peter Stuhlmacher, eds. The Suffering Servant: Isaiah 53 in Jewish and Christian Sources ABSTRACT     PDF
Edward Kessler
Attilio Mastrocinque. From Jewish Magic to Gnosticism ABSTRACT     PDF
Corry O'Neill
Michael Wyschogrod. Abraham's Promise: Judaism and Jewish-Christian Relations ABSTRACT     PDF
Philip A. Cunningham
Daniel Boyarin. Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity ABSTRACT     PDF
Emmanouela Grypeou
Irving Greenberg. For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter between Judaism and Christianity ABSTRACT     PDF
David Fox Sandmel
Henry F. Knight. Celebrating Holy Week in a Post-Holocaust World. ABSTRACT     PDF
Richard E. McCarron
Hanneke Reuling. After Eden: Church Fathers and Rabbis on Genesis 3:16-21 ABSTRACT     PDF
Helen Spurling
Claudia Setzer. Resurrection of the Body in Early Judaism and Early Christianity: Doctrine, Community, and Self-Definition ABSTRACT     PDF
Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala
Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra. The Impact of Yom Kippur on Early Christianity ABSTRACT     PDF
Dmitrij F. Bumazhnov

Review Essays

Nostra Aetate, §, the Rabbis, and the Messianic Age ABSTRACT     PDF
Audrey Doetzel

Conference Proceedings

What the Catholic Church Has Learnt from Interreligious Dialogue ABSTRACT     PDF
Michael L. Fitzgerald
The Promise of Interreligious Dialogue for a World in Conflict ABSTRACT     PDF
Michael L. Fitzgerald

Editors' Afterword

Editors' Afterword ABSTRACT     PDF
Philip A. Cunningham, Edward D. Kessler

ISSN: 1930-3777