Vol 9, No 1 (2014)

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Praying the Psalms and the Challenges of Christian–Jewish Relations: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Thomas Merton ABSTRACT     PDF
Jeremy Worthen
"The Vatican was for us like a mountain": Reassessing the Vatican's Role in Jewish Relief and Rescue during the Holocaust. Settled Questions and New Directions in Research. ABSTRACT     PDF
Robert A. Ventresca
A Time to Deconstruct: Refining the Work of Jewish-Christian Engagement ABSTRACT     PDF
Beatrice Lawrence
Implications of Paul's Hopes for the End of Days for Jews and Christians Today: A Critical Re-evaluation of the Evidence ABSTRACT     PDF
Philip A. Cunningham, Mark D. Nanos

CCJR Annual Meeting Proceedings

Eschatology and the Ideology of Anti-Judaism ABSTRACT     PDF
John Connelly


Anna Sapir Abulafia. Christian-Jewish Relations 1000-1300: Jews in the Service of Medieval Christendom ABSTRACT     PDF
Devorah Schoenfeld
John Connelly. From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965 ABSTRACT     PDF
Maria Chiara Rioli
Christoph Ochs. Matthaeus Adversus Christianos. The Use of the Gospel of Matthew in Jewish Polemics Against the Divinity of Jesus ABSTRACT     PDF
Daniel J. Lasker
F.J.E. Boddens Hosang. Establishing Boundaries: Christian-Jewish Relations in Early Council Texts and the Writings of Church Fathers. Jewish and Christian Perspectives, Vol. 19 ABSTRACT     PDF
Geoffrey D. Dunn
John Connelly. From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965 ABSTRACT     PDF
John Borelli
Mark Braverman. A Wall in Jerusalem: Hope, Healing, and the Struggle for Justice in Israel and Palestine ABSTRACT     PDF
Philip A. Cunningham
Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Abraham Skorka. On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century ABSTRACT     PDF
Jean-Pierre Ruiz
Holger M. Zellentin. Rabbinic Parodies of Jewish and Christian Literature ABSTRACT     PDF
Loren R. Spielman
Jesper Svartvik and Jakob Wirén, Eds. Religious Stereotyping and Interreligious Relations ABSTRACT     PDF
Jennifer Peace
Neta Stahl. Jesus among the Jews: Representation and Thought ABSTRACT     PDF
James Crossley
Paola Tartakoff. Between Christian and Jew: Conversion and Inquisition in the Crown of Aragon, 1250-1391 ABSTRACT     PDF
Hussein Fancy
Paul R. Hinlicky. Before Auschwitz: What Christian Theology Must Learn from the Rise of Nazism ABSTRACT     PDF
Robert Cathey
Robert Bonfil, Oded Irshai, Guy G. Stroumsa, and Rina Talgam, Eds. Jews in Byzantium: Dialectics of Minority and Majority Cultures ABSTRACT     PDF
Demetrios E. Tonias
Yaacov Ariel. An Unusual Relationship: Evangelical Christians and Jews ABSTRACT     PDF
Hillary Kaell
Hillary Kaell. Walking Where Jesus Walked: American Christians and Holy Land Pilgrimage ABSTRACT     PDF
Caitlin Carenen
Celia M. Deutsch, Eugene J. Fisher, and James Rudin, Eds. Toward the Future: Essays on Catholic-Jewish Relations in Memory of Rabbi León Klenicki ABSTRACT     PDF
Jesper Svartvik
Mary C. Boys. Redeeming our Sacred Story: The Death of Jesus and Relations between Jews and Christians ABSTRACT     PDF
Marianne Moyaert

ISSN: 1930-3777