Access to universities in Brazil: inclusion and integration of the whole person


  • Carla Andrea Soares de Araujo


The University has an important role in the dissemination and democratization of access to knowledge and changing social and political contexts, playing a socio-transforming role through the education of the people involved and building the social reality. For this reason, an important issue that has been laid for the Brazilian university is to provide more access to young people to this reality, especially those who come from difficult socio-economic realities.

Expanding access to higher education also refers to another compelling argument: we must think about the inclusion of young people who come from different realities and have different needs and difficulties. In order for this inclusion to be given in its entirety, it must also consider the whole process of integration of these young people to the new reality of study.

Thinking about the inclusion in higher education presupposes understanding that it is the inclusion and the role of the universities in the process of production of ideas and practices and, above all, it must understand the subject for which this inclusion is intended: the human person. Firstly, we must consider the inclusion of this young student regarding the access to higher education, but it is also important to observe the maintenance conditions in this new environment, which is why the integration process is an important step for the inclusion.

For this reason, we will discuss the role of universities, the inclusion and integration of young people in higher education based on the proposal for humanistic education.

Therefore, this article will try to discuss the meaning of inclusion in universities, as well as integration strategies, seeking to share experiences and discuss possibilities, with the Brazilian reality as a reference, within the theme of values as an internal space for democracy.




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