To submit an article,

1. Register as an AUTHOR here:

Note: Once you have completed the online registration form, you will receive an email to validate your account.

2. Follow the instructions below on manuscript preparation.

3. Follow the instructions below on manuscript submission. 

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

The Journal publishes several types of manuscripts including: Original research, concept and showcases based on best practice/s of human service organizations. A brief description of each is provided below:

  • Original Research: This includes empirical research manuscripts of varying lengths. Some policy papers may fit into this category.
  • Concept Paper: This is generally a concise document containing information, statistics and persuasive arguments on a given topic. A concept paper may highlight best practices, philosophies, and other related issues.
  • Showcases: These are published by invitation and may include a brief descriptive account of innovative policies, clinical practices, and programs.

Word Count

Original research articles and concept paper should be between 2,501-10,000 words. The word count does not include the abstract, tables, and references. Showcases should be about 1,000 words.

Abstract and Keywords

The manuscript should contain an abstract of 250 words along with 4-5 Keywords. 

Writing Style and Format

  • Original Papers should contain the following sections: Introduction, Theoretical Background, A Review of Literature, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References.
  • Submit all documents as MS Word files (not PDFs).
  • Closely observe the APA Publication Manual (6th edition) guidelines.
  • Use one standard font throughout the manuscript (e.g., Times New Roman, 12-point).
  • Double-space your manuscript.

References (APA style 6th ed.)

  • When using APA format, follow the author-date method of in-text citation, with a complete reference appearing in the reference list at the end of the manuscript.
  • Where available, DOIs for the references should be provided.

Tables and Figures

  • Place tables on separate pages from the text. Provide a title and consecutive Arabic numbering for each.\
  • Tables should be in black and white.
  • List sources for tables, as appropriate.
  • Maps, diagrams, drawings, and figures (bar graphs, pie charts, etc.) must be rendered in sharp detail and appear in black and white.
  • Include actual data. For figures that contain percentages, include raw numbers.
  • List sources for figures.
  • Please refrain from using scanned figures, as we are unable to edit them. 

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

1. Now that your files are ready, log into the system:

2. To submit a new manuscript, click 'New Submission' and then follow the on-screen instructions. There are up to 5 steps for you to follow to submit your manuscript. You move from one step to the next by clicking on the 'Save and Continue' button on each screen.

3. "STEP 1. START": Select the appropriate section for this submission (Original articles; Concept notes; and Showcases). Read and agree with the copyright notice. 

4. "STEP 2. UPLOAD SUBMISSION": Enter your manuscript using the 'Choose File' buttons. Then, upload your files by clicking on the 'Upload' button.

5. "STEP 3. ENTER METADATA": Enter detailed information on each author and Title and Abstract.

6. "STEP 4. UPLOAD SUPPLEMENTAL FILES": Upload your cover letter and a title page here.

A cover letter addressed to the editor is to be included with your submission. The cover letter must indicate whether or not the research has received institutional review board (IRB) approval; state that the submitted manuscript is neither presently under consideration by another journal nor will it be while it is under consideration by BBAGW. The letter must also acknowledge, in the case of multiple authors, the contribution of each author and their approval of the submitted version of the manuscript.

Title page should include a list of all authors (in the order of precedence used on the title page) with their degree abbreviations, titles, and complete contact information.

When uploading files, identify 'Cover Letter' or 'Title Page' in the Title Section.

7. "STEP 5. CONFIRMING THE SUBMISSION": Click finish submission. 

The Review Process

Authors are notified promptly when manuscripts are received. Manuscripts that pass a preliminary internal review are sent to at least two external reviewers who are experts in the topic area addressed by the paper. Reviewers provide feedback to the editor, who relays them to the primary author. Reviews are double-blind (i.e., neither authors nor reviewers know each other’s identity or institutional affiliation).

Thank you for considering Beyond Borders Advances in Global Welfare.