Reasons Behind High Unemployment Rates of Maghrebians in France

  • Sarya Baladi


This paper aims to analyze the reasons behind the high unemployment and/or underemployment rates of French Maghrebians, meaning individuals of Moroccan, Tunisian, or Algerian origin residing in France. In effect, the Maghrebian unemployment rate is almost triple that of the national average and the underemployment rate is almost double. These statistics leave a bleak image for the potential of assimilation of the Maghrebian immigration community in this host country. This paper determines that there are three main barriers to the full employment of French Maghrebians (1) lack of educational opportunities, (2) geographical segregation, and (3) discrimination from French natives on the basis of both religion (Islam) and race (North African Arab). This paper concludes by arguing that it is in the French government’s best interest to address the various challenges that halt full Maghrebian assimilation for the sake of both the immigrant group and the country’s wellbeing.

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