Higher Education Internationalization in Ukraine: Concerns and Hope

  • Irina Sikorskaya
Keywords: Ukraine, internationalization, higher education institution, international activities, challenges


Internationalization is gradually becoming integrated into the core functions of
Ukrainian higher education institutions. Recent developments at the international and
national levels are conducive to enhancing and intensifying the process, but a number
of challenges still prevent it from progressing substantially. There is a call to make a
quality shift in embracing internationalization.

Author Biography

Irina Sikorskaya

Irina Sikorskaya is senior researcher at the Institute of Higher Education
of the National Academy of Educational Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine.

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Sikorskaya, I. (2017). Higher Education Internationalization in Ukraine: Concerns and Hope. International Higher Education, (91), 10-12. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2017.91.10126
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