Free Higher Education: Mistaking Equality and Equity

  • Ariane de Gayardon


Free higher education is seeing a revival of popularity globally at a time when
students and their families are asked to contribute ever more toward the cost of college.
However, contrary to popular belief, free-tuition higher education is not necessarily
associated with better access to, or equity within, tertiary education. This article takes a
closer look at the realities behind “free” higher education, more specifically in its
relationship with access.

Author Biography

Ariane de Gayardon
Ariane de Gayardon was awarded her PhD from Boston College in
2017, where she served as a doctoral research assistant at the Center for International Higher Education. She is now a researcher at the Institute of Education Centre for Global Higher Education, University College London, UK.
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de Gayardon, A. (2017). Free Higher Education: Mistaking Equality and Equity. International Higher Education, (91), 12-13.
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