Enough Quantity: Time to Focus on Quality of Researchers in Pakistan

  • Muhammad Ahmed
Keywords: Pakistan, faculties, GDP, PhDs, plagiarism, researchers, research and development


The education sector of Pakistan has progressed tremendously during the last 15 years,
with the number of researchers and research papers increasing by 248 percent and 687
percent respectively. However, the quality of Pakistani research is still of uneven quality,
partly due to the inexperience, incompetence, and corruption of faculty at national
higher education institutions. Revising faculty hiring criteria, establishing a plagiarism-
free research culture, enhancing training on research ethics, and involving more
Pakistani scholars trained abroad in research are key steps toward preserving higher
education in Pakistan.

Author Biography

Muhammad Ahmed

Muhammad Z. Ahmed works at the Florida Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services, Gainesville, US. 

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Ahmed, M. (2017). Enough Quantity: Time to Focus on Quality of Researchers in Pakistan. International Higher Education, (91), 24-25. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2017.91.10135
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