Conflict of Interest in Eastern Europe: “Academic Capture”

  • Mihaylo Milovanovitch
  • Elena Denisova-Schmidt
  • Arevik Anapiosyan
Keywords: Eastern Europe, corruption, integrity, conflict of interest


Lobbying public officials is common practice, but becomes problematic when officials have a financial interest in the sector that lobbies them and for which they are responsible. This article explores such cases, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe.

Author Biographies

Mihaylo Milovanovitch

Mihaylo Milovanovitch is founding member of the Center for Applied
Policy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and staff member at the European Training
Foundation in Turin, Italy.

Elena Denisova-Schmidt

Elena Denisova-Schmidt is a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and research fellow at the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College, US. 

Arevik Anapiosyan

Arevik Anapiosyan is a lecturer at Yerevan State University and the
American University of Armenia, and project leader at the Center for
Applied Policy in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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Milovanovitch, M., Denisova-Schmidt, E., & Anapiosyan, A. (2018). Conflict of Interest in Eastern Europe: “Academic Capture”. International Higher Education, (92), 29-30.
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