The Growth of International Student Mobility Is Faltering

  • Dirk Van Damme
Keywords: International education, student mobility, demand


After years of impressive growth, the number of international students seems to stabilize around 4.6 million. No further increase has been observed in recent years. Possible explanations include changes on the demand side, in particular the quantitative and qualitative growth of domestic higher education in countries such as China and India. Also, recent evolutions in the political climate in destination countries seem to have a deterring effect. International students are confronted with a less welcoming environment
and generally hostile attitudes toward immigration. As a result, international competition for fee-paying international students seems to slow down significantly.

Author Biography

Dirk Van Damme

Dirk Van Damme is head of division, OECD Directorate for Education
and Skills. 

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Van Damme, D. (2018). The Growth of International Student Mobility Is Faltering. International Higher Education, 2(93), 9-11.
Declines in International Student Mobility