University Autonomy and Accountability in Russian Higher Education

  • Andrei Volkov
  • Dara Melnyk
Keywords: autonomy, accountability, Russia, Russian higher education


Historically, the Russian State has had a tumultuous relationship with institutional independence. For the country to become again an academic superpower, it is necessary to expand university autonomy to enable independent strategic thinking on the leadership’s part and ensure that universities are accountable to their stakeholders. This article considers the broad issues of university autonomy and accountability in Russia from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Author Biographies

Andrei Volkov

Andrei Volkov is academic policy adviser at the Moscow School of
Management SKOLKOVO, Russia. 

Dara Melnyk

Dara Melnyk is graduate research assistant at the Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, US. 

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Volkov, A., & Melnyk, D. (2018). University Autonomy and Accountability in Russian Higher Education. International Higher Education, 94, 31-33.
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