Student Mobility and Employability: The Ethiopian Experience

  • Wondwosen Tamrat
  • Damtew Teferra
Keywords: Ethiopia, mobility, employability, study abroad


This article reports the findings of a larger study conducted on international students from Ethiopia to gauge their views on the impact of their training on employability. For those who can afford or have the chance, international studies are perceived as mechanisms of improving one’s employability due to the various advantages they can offer. This has become one of the major pull factors in student mobility.

Author Biographies

Wondwosen Tamrat
Wondwosen Tamrat is associate professor and founding president of
St. Mary’s University, Ethiopia.
Damtew Teferra

Damtew Teferra is professor of higher education, leader of Higher Education and Training Development, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and founding director of the International Network for Higher Education in Africa. 

How to Cite
Tamrat, W., & Teferra, D. (2018). Student Mobility and Employability: The Ethiopian Experience. International Higher Education, 94, 27-28.
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