Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education in the Philippines

  • Miguel Antonio Lim
  • Sylvie Lomer
  • Christopher Millora
Keywords: Philippines, free tuition, access, massification


The Philippines has recently introduced a subsidy for tuition fees to enable universal access to higher education. There has been a heated debate about the Act’s sustainability and its implications for equity. We examine these issues and argue that, despite concerns, this move is a strategic long-term investment for the country.

Author Biographies

Miguel Antonio Lim

Miguel Antonio Lim, University of Manchester, UK, is adviser at the
Office for International Linkages of the University of the Philippines.

Sylvie Lomer
Sylvie Lomer is lecturer in education at the University of Manchester, UK.
Christopher Millora

Christopher Millora is a PhD fellow at the University of East Anglia, UK, and a former lecturer at the University of
Iloilo, Philippines. 

How to Cite
Lim, M. A., Lomer, S., & Millora, C. (2018). Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education in the Philippines. International Higher Education, 94, 19-21. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2018.0.10563
Massification and Quality