Measuring Education Quality in Global Rankings: What’s the Likelihood?

  • Philip G. Altbach
  • Ellen Hazelkorn
Keywords: Teaching evaluation in rankings, global rankings, measurement of teaching quality in higher education


Can the global academic rankings measure teaching quality? The major academic rankings have been adding measures of teaching quality—such as teacher-student ratios. We argue that it is not possible, at least now, to accurately measure teaching quality in a cross-national context. We recommend that the rankings cease measuring something that cannot, at this time, be evaluated.

Author Biographies

Philip G. Altbach
Research professor and founding director of the Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, US.
Ellen Hazelkorn
Emerita professor and director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, and partner, BH Associates, Education Consultants.
How to Cite
Altbach, P. G., & Hazelkorn, E. (2018). Measuring Education Quality in Global Rankings: What’s the Likelihood?. International Higher Education, (95), 12-14.
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