Graduate Employment in Vietnam

  • Linh Tong Central European University
Keywords: Vietnam, educational reform, structural skill mismatch, university employability rates, professional orientation


As of 2018, it is mandatory for Vietnamese higher education institutions (HEIs) to publish the employment rates of their graduates. Failure to comply with this regulation will automatically disqualify accredited HEIs from the right to recruit new students. So far, less than 5 percent of Vietnamese HEIs have published employment rates for their alumni and there is a lot of criticism and suspicion from the public toward the reliability of these statistics. The ministry of education and training should either conduct a national employability survey or establish an accreditation agency to monitor the surveying process, rather than leaving this task to voluntary cooperation from universities.

Author Biography

Linh Tong, Central European University
Candidate for Master of Public Administration, School of Public Policy, Central European University
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Tong, L. (2019). Graduate Employment in Vietnam. International Higher Education, (97), 22-23.
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