Needed More Than Ever: Internationalization of Medical Education

  • Anette Wu Columbia University
  • Geoffroy P. J. C. Noel McGill University
  • Betty Leask La Trobe University
  • Lisa Unangst
  • Edward Choi
  • Hans de Wit Boston College
Keywords: Medical education, internationalization, global health, curricula


How has internationalization translated to the sphere of medical education? This article considers that question in the US context, pointing to the distinct, yet overlapping, concepts of global health and internationalization of medical curricula, and advocating for an interdisciplinary approach. Failure to incorporate internationalization into medical education will limit medical students’ understanding of the global, social, cultural, and ethical issues associated with medical practice and research, with implications for the current pandemic and beyond.

Author Biographies

Anette Wu, Columbia University

Anette Wu is assistant professor, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, and founder/director of “International Collaboration and Exchange Program – Preparing Global Leaders for Healthcare,” Columbia University, New York, US. E-mail:

Geoffroy P. J. C. Noel, McGill University

Geoffroy P. J. C. Noel is associate professor and director of the Anatomical Sciences Division, Department of Anatomy, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. E-mail:

Betty Leask, La Trobe University

Betty Leask is professor emerita at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and in 2018–2020 was a visiting professor at the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), Boston College, US. E-mail:

Lisa Unangst

Lisa Unangst is a PhD graduate in international higher education, Boston College, and incoming postdoctoral fellow at Ghent University, Belgium. E-mail: 

Edward Choi

Edward Choi is a PhD graduate in international higher education, Boston College, US. E-mail: eddie.

Hans de Wit, Boston College

Hans de Wit is director of CIHE, Boston College, US. E-mail:

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