Evaluating the Student Experience

  • Camille Kandiko Howson Imperial College London
Keywords: Student surveys, student evaluations, quality assurance, ratings, higher education, performance indicators, funding schemes


Student surveys are ubiquitous. Originating with the democratic improvement ethos in Western higher education, student evaluations became a bedrock of quality assurance. Ratings of teaching feed into the neoliberal model of higher education, providing a transparency tool for governments, fuelling competition, and driving marketing campaigns. Some argue for the power of the student voice, others critique bias in ratings. But a future based on students’ actions—through data analytics and artificial intelligence—may speak louder than words.

Author Biography

Camille Kandiko Howson, Imperial College London

Camille Kandiko Howson is associate professor of education at Imperial College London, UK. Email: c.howson@imperial.ac.uk.

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