Internationalization of Japanese Universities in the COVID-19 Era

  • Yukiko Shimmi Tohoku University
  • Hiroshi Ota Hitotsubashi University
  • Akinari Hoshino Nagoya University
Keywords: Internationalization, COVID-19, virtual mobility, virtual exchange, Japan


Japanese universities receiving government funding for internationalization are facing challenges implementing their original plans in the wake of the pandemic. Many among them have started using ICT tools to continue international exchanges virtually. This article explores the responses, prospects, and challenges of Japanese universities selected for the two recent government grants for internationalization, the Inter-University Exchange Project (IUEP) and the Top Global University Project (TGUP).

Author Biographies

Yukiko Shimmi , Tohoku University

Yukiko Shimmi is senior assistant professor, Global Learning Center, Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Tohoku University, Japan. Email:

Hiroshi Ota, Hitotsubashi University

Hiroshi Ota is professor and director, Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program (HGP), Center for General Education, Hitotsubashi University. Email:

Akinari Hoshino, Nagoya University

Akinari Hoshino is associate professor and study abroad advisor, International Education and Exchange Center, Nagoya University. Email:

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