Crisis upon Crisis: Refugees and COVID-19

  • Hakan Ergin Istanbul University
Keywords: COVID-19, forced internationalization, refugees, internationalization, inclusivity


COVID-19 is an unprecedented test on higher education. What is unchanged, though, is that refugee students remain victims. Their disadvantages are health related, financial, and academic, making them more vulnerable to the pandemic than other students. It is aggravating that this virus has been associated with “otherness.” Nationalists and populists point at refugees as scapegoats spreading the disease. This adds to the hardship that they are currently suffering and, post-COVID-19, will linger as a threat.

Author Biography

Hakan Ergin, Istanbul University

Hakan Ergin is a lecturer at Istanbul University, Turkey, and a former postdoctoral scholar at the Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, US. E-mail:

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