Brazil: A For-Profit Giant

  • Dante J. Salto
Keywords: For-profit, sectors, public policy, Brazil


Brazil has become by far the largest higher education system in Latin America, with a large share of enrollments in the private sector. A recently established and fast growing for-profit sub-sector consolidates as one of the largest worldwide. It already surpasses the public sector in enrollment and its role is growing. Public policy has backed the for-profit growth, largely for tax revenue reasons but in recent years the federal government has taken social initiatives that include tax exemption policies for the sub-sector. As indicated by fields of study, the for-profit sub-sector shares some important characteristics with the nonprofit sub-sector, contrasting dramatically to the public sector.

Author Biography

Dante J. Salto

Dante J. Salto is an advanced PhD student at the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, and PROPHE Doctoral Research Associate, University at Albany, State University of New York.

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Salto, D. J. (2014). Brazil: A For-Profit Giant. International Higher Education, (74), 21-22.
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