Policies and Patterns in US For-Profit Higher Education

  • Elizabeth Meza
  • William Zumeta
Keywords: for-profit higher education, enrollment growth, public policy, state policy, policy postures, reactive policy


For-profit higher education in the USA grew to 10% market share of all higher education enrollments as of 2010 before falling back a bit under federal regulatory pressure. State policies toward the sector have remained largely unexamined, however. We take a first cut at documenting the policy postures individual states take toward for-profit institutions - on such dimensions as financial aid, information disclosure, program review requirements, etc. - and determine that states with more active policy saw larger FP enrollment growth from 2000-2010. The direction of causation is unclear, though.

Author Biographies

Elizabeth Meza

Elizabeth Meza is a research fellow and PhD candidate in higher education in the College of Education at the University of Washington

William Zumeta

William Zumeta is professor of Public Affairs and Higher Education at the University of Washington

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Meza, E., & Zumeta, W. (2014). Policies and Patterns in US For-Profit Higher Education. International Higher Education, (76), 13-14. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2014.76.5524
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